10 things you need to stop expecting from other people

Unrealistic expectations are going to hurt you, be it from things or people, as neither of them are under your control. People are always telling themselves to stop over expecting anything from someone, but they can’t help themselves. In relationships, be it platonic, blood or a romantic type, people tend to have certain expectations from the other person. Whilst it is totally nature to expect respect, love and attention from your significant other, there are still some things you need to stop expecting from other people. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com!

10 Things You Need To Stop Expecting From Other People

Things you need to stop expecting from other people

1. Expect Them To Follow What You Think Is Right

You should learn to be tolerant and open to how other people think and do things, no matter how significant those things are. The things you think right may not necessarily be right to them. Just because you do not like something, do not expect them to have the same idea like you. Be open to the consideration that you can also be wrong. Sometimes, they may do what you want, but do not make it a daily habit of expecting your partner to do so continually.

2. Expect Them To Be Flawless

When it comes to things you need to stop expecting from other people, expecting someone to be flawless is not practical. Are you sure that you have not ever made any mistake? No one is perfect and I bet that you are also. If so, how could you expect your partner to be perfect while you could not? Similar to you, your partner is bound to make mistakes at a time in their lives. Rather than shaming them about it, you had better be encouraging and understanding towards them. Do not chase the idea of perfection because it just makes yourself never satisfied with anyone or anything. Perfectionism has been linked to stress, despair, and suicide, according to WebMD.

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3. Expect Them To Always Say Yes

Even those people being born in a united family, exposed to the same set of morals, beliefs, and ethics tend to express different viewpoints. You could not control what and how another person thinks, including your partner. Hence, there is going to be a little, if not huge, difference in opinion in a lot of things. Also, appreciate those differences; avoid being taken aback by those who think different than you. When you can listen to the m with an open heart and mind, then it can be refreshing. Who knows, it can even make you have a different outlook on things.

Besides, nobody likes a man who always says yes. Each person has their own choices and opinions, coming off to be admirable.

4. Expect Them To Be A Psychic

Over time, people learn to understand others’ feelings and moods. Yet, not all people are good at this. Just because you could gather their feelings, do not expect them to do the same with you. Just communicate. You had better be clear on your wants and your feelings and so on. This will help save you from the disappointment. It also helps save them from the fear of disappointing you or doing something wrong.

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5. Expect Them To Beat Your Battles

Your partner loves you and you could count on him/her for his/her support. However, you could not always expect them to help you always. Learn to help yourself. Do not rely on anyone except for yourself in tough times. They just help when they could. If they have problems of their own, then it is selfish to expect them to run to help you.

6. Expect Their Definite Acceptance

Another one in this list of things you need to stop expecting from other people is absolute acceptance. Just as you do not agree with all they do and say, they may also not accept of you at times. However, the point is, you do not need the approval of anyone. You are living for yourself. If there is something feeling right to you, you can go after it no matter what other people say. You do not owe anyone any explanation. As long as you feel comfortable with yourself, their lack of understanding or acceptance will not bother you.

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7. Expect Reciprocity From Them

It is advised to give without expecting anything in return. However, it will get a little hard to practice in real life. Particularly when you get out of your comfort zone to do something for someone and you do not get the slightest bit of acknowledgement, if not mention to gratitude from them. So, you had better not expect other people to treat you as the way you treat them. Perhaps, in their eyes, they treat you right. It is necessary to learn to perceive and accept that fact. Do not expect reciprocity from other people, including feelings or treatment.

8. Expect Them To Be Constant, Or Never Change

You and your partner are not the same as you were one or two years ago. What experiences you have had during that time have made you become a different person. You think differently, look at things differently, act and feel differently as well. Usually, people change over time. You could not expect any person to be the same throughout their own lives. So, love and accept them for the one who they are, also for the one they have become now even when you do not like the change, be loving and considerate.

9. Expect Them To Be The Best

No one is perfect and things could go wrong at any time without any warning. It takes effort and time to set everything right. You could not have all things under control in life. Rather than criticizing them, you should help them overcome this period. You may also cope with such situation in the future. Extend the kind of support and understanding that you want at such time.

10. Expect Them To Make Up For The Love That You Cannot Give Yourself

The last but not least one when it comes to things you need to stop expecting from other people is expecting other people give you the love you fail to give your own. In order to be happy in relationships and life as well, you need to love yourself first, before anyone does. Once you do not love yourself, then no one could do so, no matter how much they love you. You will be too needy and clingy. People will find it hard to keep you satisfied. It is a sign of a forced relationship.

If you want to live a healthy life, and appreciate the things for the way they are, it is necessary for you to stop remaining expectations from other people. You are just setting yourself for disappointments. Just simply allow things to occur in their time.