9 important things you should demand in your relationship

Relationships are rewarding but also hard. The good ones will lessen the horror of being an adult while the bad ones seem to make life more difficult. In relationships, many women have the fear of sounding too demanding. There is absolutely a point where this could happen, like when you expect your guy to bring you flowers each day, or to always be an attentive boyfriend or husband. And, if you expect such things, then you are demanding. Nonetheless, there are some things in all relationships which are okay to demand. This list from Wikiyeah.com will show you the things you should demand in your relationship. These things will not come off a demands but ways to show kindness and love towards your partner.

9 Absolute Things You Should Demand In Your Relationship

Things you should demand in your relationship

1. Consideration

When being in a romantic relationship with someone, it is necessary to be considerate about the feelings, opinions, views and opinions of your partner. If you feel like your partner has not incorporated you in the crucial decisions of their lives, then you should ask questions about it. If you think your partner is not interested in asking you about how your day is going, then tell them that it is bothering you. If you have been in a relationship long enough, you may get unintentionally careless. This is a chance to give your partner a check, when you need to demand the consideration back.

2. Affection

Each person has different ways of expressing their emotions and feelings of love. Even when you know the love languages of each other, it is fine to ask your partner to show the love to you in a certain way, be it a physical touch, or other love languages, it is crucial for both of you to get the kind of affection you need. Just make sure that you two understand and feel pleased talking about the love languages and affection needs of each other in your relationship.

3. Honesty

This thing seems like a no brainer, yet it is still a good idea to bring up at relationships, particularly at the beginning and middle stage of a relationship.

Complete honesty could create transparency within your relationship. It means there will be no secret between you two. Being honest can take away guessing games and create respect along with trust between two of you.

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4. Reciprocation

It means letting your partner acknowledge your needs, and vice versa. In relationship, reciprocation is relatively important as with it, neither partner will be left feeling like they are giving more than receiving. Despite it is rather tricky to maintain, it creates a happy relationship after all.

5. Alone Time

Alone time is another one in this list of things you should demand in your relationship. This sounds strange but being with each other 24/7 is a definite way to tire of people, even the ones you are continually with is the guy you are head over heels for. Thus, sometimes distance is necessary and in this case alone time will make your heart grow much fonder.

6. Emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy is considered one of the most crucial aspects of a long-lasting relationship, and is something that should be expected and demanded. Thus, it is one of the things you should demand in your relationship. If emotional intimacy is not adequate, everything in the relationship will be the same. Hence, it is necessary to create such connection between two partners. Do not be afraid of demanding the things that make your relationship stronger, and make you and your partner happier.

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7. Empathy

Empathy is really one of the most important things you should demand in your relationship. For most of us, we assume that empathizing with the ones we love will come naturally to us. That remains the case till we encounter the realities of life.

Fact is, people are egocentric. When you decide to be in a relationship with someone, you should learn to be empathetic, to be understanding and try to place yourself in your significant other’s shoes. Remind your partner of this obligation as well. It is no wrong to ask your partner to understand the things you go through and the emotions you feel, and the problems you face in life.

8. Novelty

In a relationship, novelty is an attributing factor making it much longer and more sustainable. You meet someone new, fall in love with him/her. Your emotions run high. Your passion as well as excitement could be not expressed enough through words. You put your whole soul, your love, and your care into that special one. After a few months, it starts to decrease and die down. One year passes, you feel like you have given all into the boredom. The moment when you stop to make things special and let the romance die is exactly the time your relationship starts to fall apart.

This does not mean that you should try to keep changing the things in your relationship and not being content with what you are having. What necessary is keeping things alive, keeping looking for the ways to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. If things have become bland, you should ask and help your partner to spice things up.

9. Effort

The real effort is what thrives in your relationship. It is also one of the things you should demand in your relationship. We all have flaws and have made mistakes in the past and may continue to make in the upcoming time. Likewise, you may reach a point where you lose touch with your relationship, yet don’t worry that is a part of life. Sometimes, you need to lose to rediscover your relationship again, perhaps make it stronger than before. Thus, putting real effort into the relationship is definitely the right thing to do if you want to have a happy ending.