9 things you should never ask your boyfriend to do

4. Listen To You Like Your Female Friends Would

Naturally, men are wired to deal with problems. If you give him a problem, he will seek to find the solution for it. So, when you tell your boyfriend about your problems, he might respond with possible solutions, but in fact, you are not looking for solutions but sympathy. You just need someone to be there to listen to you. Men do not understand that want of women. They do not see the point of relating stories or discussing problems incessantly and needlessly. So, if you want someone just simply to listen to your feelings, your complaints, then look for from your girls.

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5. Stop Seeing His Best Friends

Sometimes, we need taking a break in our relationship, be it meeting friends or traveling. You may call your girls up and meet up for a café night. Oftentimes, he might feel the demand to connect with his buddies too. And, of course, there is nothing wrong with it. But, do not think that he loves you less, or that he is unsatisfied with your relationship or you. You have your girl friends and so he does.

6. To Apologize With Every Time You Get Angry Or Argue

Normally, arguments are part of relationships. However, holding grudges or resentments, refusing to apologize and expecting your partner to be a generous person whenever two of you argue is a juvenile behavior from you. Apologizing is not a way to get your partner to stop nagging at you. It does not matter how your argument started, you played at least a small part in maintaining it further. So, you should also apologize your boyfriend for it. Acknowledge the things you should not say when fighting, admit when you are wrong, and take responsibility for your behaviors and actions by apologizing.

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