9 things you should never ask your boyfriend to do

7. To Ignore Other Women

If someone is good looking, then he or she will instantly appeals to others’ eyes. Men are visual creatures. For them, looking at another (beautiful) woman is not even something consciously done. Remember that just because your boyfriend spared another woman a quick glance does not really mean he will pursue her. As long as he is not flirting with that another woman, and you do not see his flirty face anywhere, it is simply a passing, normal glance. No harm.

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8. Share All Your Passions / Interests

If your favorite is spending hours for window shopping or real shopping, then there is nothing wrong with it because it is a common favorite of most women. However expecting your man to do the same with you is not fair. If it is the chick flicks you love, by all means, you two can watch them. If the laptop is your constant favorite and it is crucial to you two to consider it together, then he might agree to it. Yet, you should not expect him to walk through all stores with you and joyfully watch. Remember that he does not ask you to sit through his games.

9. Become A Different Man

In regard to primary reasons you fell in love with your boyfriend is for the one who he is. If you have a wish to change him, then you should try to remember what drew you to him at the early stage of the relationship. That time, you accepted him, then now, you should also accept him. Men do not wish to be changed. It is really not fair to ask him to modify himself and be another guy as you want it. Just accept him for the one he is.

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