7 things you should not afraid to say in a relationship

Do you say it out with your partner when you feel happy? Do you have a meal at the restaurant you hate just because you want to make your partner to be happy? Well, communicating the things that make you happy is only one of the things you could not be afraid to say it out in a relationship.

Most of the time, being afraid of speaking up in a relationship meant one of two things. Maybe, you are not confident or have low self-esteem, so you fear of conflict. Or, maybe you are just really nice.
Actually, an unhealthy relationship is built around control and power. Even when your partner is not a physically abusive type, he / she may still be using manipulation or fear in some subtle ways to keep the upper hand.

In contrast, in healthy relationship, both partners can express their feelings without fear. Opinions and decisions are shared together. They tell each other as they need support. Yet, not all relationships are healthy and there are still some things that people afraid to say in their relationship. Read on this article from Wikiyeah.com to find out what things you should not afraid to say in a relationship here! Some information in this article is referred from Huffingtonpost and Allwomenstalk.

Things You Should Not Afraid To Say  In Your Relationship – 7 Worth-Saying Statements

Things you should not afraid to say in a relationship

1. No

Saying “no” is not simple as it sounds. Some people hesitate of saying no in their relationship. The art of saying no needs time to master. Those loving partners often tell each other “no” without fear. They could refuse food or physical intimacy. And, they feel safe to refuse any kind of situation and treatment they are not comfortable with. Once you are not safe or free to say no, perhaps you are in a controlling, abusive relationship. But, if you feel free to say no, yet you are not comfortable when saying it, you should explore these feelings in order to prevent any further resentment from emerging.

2. You Are Wrong

Some people are afraid to say that their partner’s wrong in their relationship. They are afraid to disagree. Remember that disagreements are not a healthy kind in a relationship, but actually healthy. They have their own place in relationships. You when disagreements happen, you have to show your partner that you support them, even when they are wrong. However, as long as you are not afraid to disagree, you can build a healthy relationship.

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3. I Do Not Like It

If your partner does something, but you do not like it, then you are not necessary to be in the same page with your partner. However, if you want to speak up, you need to have the inner motivation.

4. I Want “…” For Dinner

You are a mature and you have your opinion and it matters. Your partner wants to hear it. When your partner asks you: “What do you want to eat?” and you just say, “I don’t know, what do you want to eat?”, well that is not strange for most of us. Sometimes, you even do not know what you want, but not every single day. However, if you feel that happens to you every day because you do not feel comfortable telling your partner what you want, if you thinking your idea will disappoint your partner or if you fear of making the wrong choice, then it is a serious problem. You need to have a conversation with your partner about safety, trust and fears.

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