7 things you should not say when fighting in a relationship

What is the best when it comes to arguing in a relationship? Whilst fighting might come naturally to some couples, to others, it is an intense battleground that they would like to stay away from. One of the most important things when fighting in a relationship is to keep a clear head. Yet, not many people could do that. The chance of saying something bad during an argument is very high. As a result, you will feel regret about your words after the argument.

Actually, there are many things you should not say when fighting in a relationship. They are the worst things that could damage your relationship step-by-step. If you are a person who is prone to saying something bad while arguing, then you should read this article as here, from WikiYeah, we give you what you should not say when fighting with your partner. This entry refers some information from Bustle and Huffingtonpost. Take a look!

things you should not say when fighting

1. Swear Words

This is absolutely a no-no when it comes to fighting with your partner. Curse words if thrown into the argument, the other person will automatically become defensive and throws the same back at you, making your relationship go downhill from there. Thus, it is better for you to avoid saying them.

2. We Are Done

Feeling disrespected and unwanted is really unbearable in a relationship. If you say “Fine, perhaps we should break up!” things will go nowhere. Of course, you get mad. Yet, you are not a teenage anymore. If you are serious about the relationship, then you should not use that statement as a threat where they just belong in high school.

Bitching card and pretending you are done with your relationship just hurts your partner more. If you feel like him/ her is not taking you seriously, using empty threats will not help.

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3. “Whatever”

Do you hate hearing the “whatever” word from your partner when you are trying to get a certain point across? If so, then do not do it with your partner while arguing. Running away from the fight or argument by simply saying “whatever” may be an easy manner to get out of it, yet not only does it make things worse, but it will not handle anything.

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4. Body Insults

Something like “Your little boy is …” or “You are fat”, or whatever body insults is not something you should pick on when arguing with your partner, regardless of the topic argued about is. This is what you could not take back whether your sentiments about it are honest or not. You know exactly your partner’s insecurities and if you mention it while fighting, trust me, you will have to spend years on trying to restore the self-esteem that you tore down in just a single comment. The thing to keep in mind is to stick to relevant topics and also avoid pointless insults.

5. Remember When…

Among a lot of things you should not say when fighting with your partner, this might be skipped most. We have a routine of reminding about our partner’s mistakes in the past to make it a clue or backup for our thesis when arguing. Assume that you partner cheated on you previously, or revealed your personal secret, or said something insensitive after getting drunk. No matter the situation is, if he / she wronged you in the past, and you forgave them, then do not use a new fight to dredge up previous mistakes.

Once you forgive someone, you should stop blaming them for their wrongdoing. It means that you do not forgive truly. True forgiveness means that you let go of the past and move on for the goal of both sides. You will never know when he/she might return the favor of making use of your past mistake against you.

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6. Just Relax

To me, it is really an annoying thing I heard while fighting with someone. If you’re in the middle of a certain argument with your partner, and then they say “just relax”, so what do you feel? As ridiculous as it might sound, even when your partner is shouting at you, it is almost guaranteed that your situation will be many times worse when you tell them to relax.

Actually, fighting or arguing seems to be a stress relief, resolving problems and getting worries off your mind. If you tell your partner to relax whilst they are on the top of the argument or trying to air out the problems that upset them, you are doing something like poking the tiger – what absolute bring the worst result.

7. I’m Fine

In regard to things you should not say when fighting with your partner, lying about your true feelings at that moment is not a good idea. This will literally get you nowhere else. You do not fix anything when lying about how you feel during the argument or fight. The best thing you could do is to be honest no matter how hurtful or embarrassed it could be.

To conclude, one of the best things you could do whilst engaging in a fight or an argument is to stick to topics, do not throw out worst that you could not take back. Avoid saying the 6 things above when fighting with your partner in the relationship and you will be well on your own way to have a healthy, productive conversation.