5 things you should & shouldn’t compromise on in a relationship

There is something that is okay to compromise in a relationship. Yet, there are also things that are not okay to do so. All of your own life fixates around compromise. You may compromise on the things that go beyond romantic relationships and are not always the easiest choice to make, particularly in relationships. Fact is, compromise is necessary for a healthy, long-lasting relationship no matter what.

Yet, knowing what to compromise is not something that we are good at. Some people compromise on the wrong thing. To be compromising, you don’t always have to give into everything they want or say, or keep being the first one to apologize, or always give up on your wants. It is really about keeping the right balance. You should not bend over backwards for them, you should also not be inflexible. The struggle exists. To help you decide if you should compromise on a certain thing or not, here we gather some things you should and shouldn’t compromise on in a relationship. Some information in this article, made by Wikiyeah.com is collected from Psychologytoday and HuffingtonPost.

Things you should and shouldn’t compromise on in a relationship1. Don’t Compromise On Your Own Values

You had better set your priorities straight forwards, before getting into a relationship. The values of yourself define who you really are and should not give up on them for anything or anyone. In fact, there may be many things you would never compromise on such as your religious belief as well as practices, your education, job, the importance of your friends and family, etc. You had better draw some boundaries in your current relationship, about the things you are and are not comfortable with. Most importantly, you should also have your need and goal from a relationship. These things need to be invariable.

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2. Don’t Compromise On Your Own Dreams

When it comes to things you should and shouldn’t compromise on a relationship, your dreams are exactly the one of should-not. I have witnessed many people who once cannot stop talking about their passions and dreams, but as soon as they fell into a relationship, they tend to stop talking not only about themselves, but also their goals. Even, their goals change after that. When being in a relationship, you are still the only one person as before and should not have to give up on things that you have always wanted just due to a change in your own relationship status. If your relationship is a sincere relationship, your partner should help you live your own dreams. If you want it badly, you will definitely find a way to make it come true. Do not stop!

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3. Don’t Compromise On Your Self Preservation

At all cost and all times, you come first. It should be your case even when you are head over heels in love with someone. Do not stop looking for your value, yourself and improve it. If your partner is harming you in a certain way, it is not acceptable. Physical and emotional abuse, or any kind of pressure to do something or not do something, basically anything that you feel is an effort to control your life should not interfere with your self-preservation. As a mature, you are entitled to do whatever you love and see whoever you want. You are also entitled to refuse anything that you feel uncomfortable with. It is better for you to be single than being in a relationship with a toxic person. Choose mental and emotional peace over a forced relationship.

4. Compromise On The Way You Spend Your Time

When being in a relationship, two of you can decide on how much time you can spend with each other, and how much time you spend with your friends, one another’s friends and families. Because love is a mutual relationship, so you should plan your dates together. Occasional surprises would be appreciated. If there is something one of you definitely loves and the left is not as into it, you can compromise on it. For example, you love climbing the mountain, but they hate the height, then you two can go to the beach together.

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5. Compromise On Things That Change You For The Better

You should compromise on the thing like going away for study and work. You could see your partner often, of course, but the frequency will depend on the time table that two of you have and can keep up with. The good thing about this is that distance could either make your relationship stronger or reveal the weakness of your relationship that you may not notice before. If you are in a committed relationship, the distance will show how much you really trust one another to stay faithful and their absence will make you appreciate more their precious presence, and most of all, you will realize that no matter how far the distance between you two is, you are about to make it.

In general, compromise can save your relationship at a certain point, yet do not overdo it. A sign that you are overdoing it is when your partner always follows their way while you are standing there and complying with all they want. Remember that your desire is as much important as theirs.