8 forbidden things your girlfriend won’t tell you

Guys, do you think that your girlfriend has not ever lied to you? The fact is, even the most honest and sincere girlfriend still hides something from her lifetime partner. Actually, guys are not the only game players in a romantic relationship. Girls also play their fair share of the games too. There are many things that girls think and dream about yet never speak it out.

Women also have their deep secrets that they won’t tell you – never ever. Their hidden fears, their fantasies, their desires, past lovers, insecurities, unshared longings – they are some forbidden secrets of women they are not willing to tell you.

Even if you guys try hard, you could still never dig down what lies in the deep corner of your girlfriend’s heart. Decoding a girl’s mind is a task that even God will turn down too, so you are better off not attempting. However, as curiosity keeps innate to us humans, so men still want to know what secrets are kept by their women. Fortunately, here we from WikiYeah give you some forbidden things your girlfriend won’t tell you. Some information in this article is referred from Huffingtonpost and About.

Things Your Girlfriend Won’t Tell You – 8 Deep Secrets Of Girls

Things your girlfriend won’t tell you

1. They Love To Be Chased

This is a fact. Girls love to be chased, particularly by their guys. They want to their man to chase her, ready to do everything for them. Women love this feeling that they are much important for their man.
However, women just want to be chased, not caught. They do not want the feeling to go away, even when they are caught by their man. Women do not want to get trapped by insincere person. Therefore, before submitting themselves, they just want to make sure that the person has all standards of their “right man”.

2. When They Say “OK”, Or “Fine”, The Truth May Be Opposite

Well, when it comes to things your girlfriend won’t tell you, this is among the most common among girls. Women are communicators. It is hard for their psyches to talk more when there is a conflict or discord.

So, if you feel there is a problem when asking your girlfriend and she responds with a “It is OK” or “Fine”, or some other sentences which are less than 7 words, then chances are she means the opposite. When a girl responds with a short answer during a conversation, it means that she wants you guys put more effort in getting her to open up. It comes from the place of feeling like you do not often care what she has to say so she wants you to put attempt in getting her to talk. That way, she can be sure that she will be listened to. Despite you might be a very attentive boyfriend but if her ex guys made her feel unheard or insignificant, then you have to work more to help her unpack that baggage and throw it away.

So, when your girlfriend answers with a curt little response to your queries, you should not take her at face value. Just gently and calmly ask her several more times. Once she feels like you are truly willing to hear her voice, she will be open up.

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3. They Love It When You Get Jealous

One of the deepest things your girlfriend won’t tell you is that she loves it when you show your jealousy. She will never tell you of how much she loves the expression of your face when being jealous. Yet, they do not look for a crazy maniac jealous guy, yet who is possessive about them, now and then.

Hence, if you find your girlfriend lightly flirting with a handsome guy at the bar or in a certain party, then she just wants you to speak “You are mine” out.

When you tell your girlfriend about your jealousy, she will come running to you happily. She has achieved what she wanted from her flirting game.

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