Top 11 time saving tips for busy people to apply

Time is considered as the most valuable thing in life. It affects every single moment and every step you take in life. Managing time means that you are managing life. Time is free, yet it is priceless. Once you lost it, you could never get it again. However, you could not own it, but you could use it. To help you manage time effectively, collects top 11 useful, true time saving tips for busy people.

11 Time Saving Tips – Plan Your Life With Effective Time Management

Time Saving Tips

1. Call Instead Of Text Messages

If you want to exchange important information, instead of a series of text messages, you should make a small call. In the office setting or in personal life, messages normally digress, go off topic and often come with something which means nothing. We do not recognize but each day we waste most over an hour in messaging. Thus, the next time you had better call rather than texting.

2. Use Automatic Bill Pay

Opt for automatic bill pay or online banking to save your precious time. It is very convenient even though it is surprising to know that most people do not take all advantage of it. Actually, the easiest manner to save time is applying automatic online payment for those monthly bills. Online bill pay services are often free. Coming with the benefit of convenience, you also save a large amount of paper. [Read: tips to say no to take control of your life – Boundaries, penned by Henry Cloud – the best selling author]

3. Limit Social Media 

When it comes to time saving tips in modern days, this is one of the most effective tips to manage time.  Social media, nowadays, sucks so a lot of hours of most people’s day. Though it has made lives easier in different ways, allowed yourself to connect to your friends and family members, after all, it is one of the biggest ways to waste your time. The temptation to delay your crucial work whilst you are busy with Facebook, Twitter, and so on is so popular. Thus, to take control of your temptation for social media, it is necessary for you to restrict your viewing time to about 5 minutes. This will keep you updated but also help you regain a lot of hours of your day. [Read: daily healthy living tips]

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