Top 11 time saving tips for busy people to apply

4. Avoid Rush Hour

Thousands of people commute to work, especially in the rush hour. Fact is, most of them are angry with wasted amount of time they spend on commuting. Thus, you should plan your route to the office and the mode of transportation before going to office. Leaving your home at 7:30 rather than 7:45 can help you avoid traffic jam. Once you reach the office, then you have time to relax yourself and catch up with the pending work. When driving back home, you should avoid 5:00 which is often the most often traffic hour. Leave by 4:30 or 5:30 if possible.

5. Delegate Work

One of effective time saving tips is delegating properly. Perhaps you think that you could do every task by yourself, yet you are wrong. Doing it all just makes you overwhelmed and exhausted.

Initiate by delegating task to your family members if necessary. This will not only help you reduce the work pressure but also make your family members responsible.

6. Find A Place Close To Work

Want to know time saving tips for busy people at work? If you are renting a department or house, you should choose a place close your office. Even if the rental and home prices are low, you might not recognize the hidden cost you are incurring on commuting. In addition, there are also the booming prices of transportation and gas that could add up great amount to your monthly expenses. Hence, it is better for you to move to the place close to work.

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