Top 11 time saving tips for busy people to apply

7. Limit TV Watching And Playing Games

Those TV lovers who could not break their own TV watching habits should save time by skipping commercials and spending less time on viewing their favorite shows. If you watch 3 hours each day, you are losing 1 hour to promos and commercials. In other words, playing games is really fun, yet they often eat up great amounts of your leisure time without benefit. The best choice now is to delete those games. This will help you increase productivity and help you have more time with your family, friends, and yourself as well. [Read: how to overcome depression effectively]

8. List Prioritize Task

It is advised that people should keep a paper or note which lists down their important tasks in a week. Keep a pen nearby to it and write all the crucial works when it comes to mind. From preparing grocery list to weekly activities, calls you have to make to plan the menu of the entire week. With a list in your hand, you could shop more effectively and get in and out faster than if you should without it. Whilst making list prioritized items, you need to place the most important ones at the top and the least important one at the bottom.

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9. Simplify Your Morning

The next one in this list of time saving tips is to get ready for the next morning from the night before. Prepare all things prior, such as breakfast ingredients, clothes, and backpacks to lunches. Do this before hitting the hay. Shower or take a bath at night, rather than doing it in the morning. Besides, you should pack your work/ school bad the night before, keep your keys, wallets, purses, by the door in the basket or at one place. On the other hand, this is also a good way on how to start your day right.

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