Top 11 time saving tips for busy people to apply

10. Wash Dishes Whilst Cooking

After a big meal, maybe the last thing you wish to do is to spend more time in your kitchen on cleaning up. That is why smart cooks wash dishes whilst they are preparing food rather than leaving them for later. When serving dinner, you should ask diners to bus their own plates as well as silverware and package leftovers, leaving your free to linger over the dessert or a glass of wine rather than standing over the sink. [Read: The unique guide to manifest wealth and happiness – Manifestation Miracle book]

11. Buy Easy-Care Items

Daily, ironing could be largely avoided thanks to wrinkle-free fabrics in everything from the male dress shirts to tablecloths. Opt for cotton knits, cotton blend and synthetic fabrics. Also, you should opt for 100% linen at all costs because it has to be hand washed, laid flat to dry, and sprayed with starch. Thus, you had better avoid buying those items made of fabrics which grab lint, like corduroy, if you are not prepared to carry a lint brush.

Top 11 time saving tips above hopefully help you manage your daily schedule effectively. Simply make use some or all of them to start planning your day, week, month, year, and life quickly.

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