Is it time to let go? 14 common reasons why relationships end

When it comes to relationships, some seem to go down sooner than others. Not every relationship is established permanently. It is a fact of this life. Of course, all of us hold a kind of hope that we will enter into a new relationship that will last forever. However, after a few months, things do not work and you could not figure out why, despite they seemed incredibly perfect at the beginning. So what went wrong with that relationship? What is time to let go?

Time to let go

Is it time to let go?

Here are warning signs your relationship is close to its end

There are many similar things contributing to the end of a certain relationship. Those factors play a big role in the downfall of a relationship and sometimes might be the whole cause of its demise. Now, take a look at the followings to decide if they describe your current relationship and do whatever you can to fix them.

1. Bad Communication

Though bad communication is not a clear signal of time to let go, it still plays as a red flag of your relationship. This gets the top position of the list as you could not have a healthy, happy relationship if you do not communicate well. In romantic relationships, you need to know your partner’s likes, dislikes, etc and vice versa. When you could not communicate, things will accumulate and become too much to bear, thereby leading to a broken relationship.

2. Trust Issues

There are some kinds of men who give women trust issues and no matter what kind of trust issues is, whether it is cheating, lying or past relationships – it will lead to the end of a relationship. If you want to make your relationship last, it is better to work on your trust issues.

3. Unlinked Futures

Unlinked futures are among the most common reasons of failed relationships. You like each other and have good chemistry, you two seem perfect for one another, yet you have opposite plans for future.

Maybe, your partner wants to travel worldwide for a few years before settling down while you look to be a housewife instantly. Either way, you need to have at least a kind of similar plan for future for the relationship to successfully work.

4. Unrealistic Expectations

There is a fact that may upset you: life is not a romantic comedy. Someone will not do what you want and make your dreams come true. You could not put that type of pressure on your significant other. When putting unrealistic expectations onto your partner, you will make a mistake of asking too much of someone and feeling unhappy because expecting that things should be different. What you need to do is to stop having high expectations on your partner and cope with the reality if you want the relationship to last.

5. Different Expectations

Similar to unrealistic expectations, different expectations are another factor leading to the end of a relationship. It may be time to let go if two of you have contrastingly different expectations. One partner thinks that you two are headed to the long term while the other may just be dating you for fun. Having different types of expectations in a relationship will definitely lead to a split if you could not come to a final solution.

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6. Incompatibility

Despite you may have the same interests, hobbies, and a sense of humor as well, if you could not decide on the appropriate way to fold clothes, then things may not work out. There are some signs of incompatibility in a relationship that need extra attention, if you do not get to know it, then it might lead to a break up.

7. Abuse

Whether it is physical or emotional abuse, any kind of abuse in a relationship will head the relationship downhill more quickly than anything else. No one deserves any kind or any form of abuse and that is evident in many relationships which have failed because of it. If you are being abused, then it is time to let go. If you are the one who abuse your partner, then you need to change your way fast.

8. Judgment

Judgmental people are common in this society but dealing with judgmental people is not easy. It needs time and patience. When you could not be yourself around someone as you fear that their opinions will be negative, then your relationship will sooner or later fail.

9. Money Problems

Finance issues are one of the main factors leading to a breakup for a long term couple, especially a married couple. When money becomes too tight and you could not decide on how you should be spending your money, then it may lead to stress and arguments… also known as a step to a fast breakup.

10. Boredom

Another sign it is time to let go is boredom. When your couple gets bored in your relationship, it means that there is a mismatch in the compatibility and chemistry department, and it just a matter of time before either you or your partner looks for to curb that feeling.

11. Lack Of Intimacy

It does not matter what people say, physical intimacy is an important factor in a romantic relationship. It supplies intimacy and a manner for two individuals to connect in a way that nothing else can do. When it slows down significantly or stops altogether, then it is not good for a happy couple.

12. Low Self-Esteem

In relationships, low self-esteem could result in big relationship issues. You feel bad about yourself regardless of their attempt to make you feel good, and you keep worrying they will leave you for the better. This triggers either you or your partner to be unhappy and one or both of you may want to stop things.

13. Isolation From The Social Life

Some people have a tendency of keeping their partner distant from friends to prevent “bad influence” – that means they do not like that their partner go out and have fun without them there. This will make their partner isolated and crazy. As a result, that person cannot wait to be out of that relationship.

14. Jealousy

This is the most common reason that couples head to a breakup. Despite it relates to having insecurity and trust issues, it is still in the category by itself as it exceeds the limitations of both. When two of you are always jealous, and try to make you change in order to fit their criteria for relationship, resentment will automatically build up and finally one of you will end things as they could not take it anymore.

To know what time to let go is, you should pay extra attention to red flags. If you want your current relationship to successfully last, then you need to avoid the mentioned-above reasons at all costs.