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Most people often ask nutritionists that, “What’s the secret of a healthy diet?” The answer lies in this list of top 10 healthy eating habits collected by WikiYeah. Keep these basic guidelines to eat right, starting with:

10 Healthy Eating Habits For Everyone

1. Use Smaller Plates

Healthy Eating Habits - Use Smaller Plates

The first tip when it comes to healthy eating habits is using smaller plates. Whether you are trying to maintain a healthy weight, one of the most important things you could do for your overall health is to downsize your plates. It is advised that switching from the 12-inch to the 10-inch plate can help people eat about 22% fewer calories. Once you downsize the plates of your dinner, you will able to lower more than 5000 calories per month just via your diet.

2. Add Fruits And Vegetables To Your Meals, Half Of Each Meal

Healthy Eating Habits - Add Fruits And Vegetables To Your Meals, Half Of Each Meal

Those people who have a healthy weight and keep fit say that they make half of their daily meal fruits and vegetables. By following this rule, they do not have to count on calories anymore. For example, at breakfast, you can fill your own bowl about halfway with cereal before topping it off with sliced banana or berries. At lunch, you eat a half of normal meal or a smaller sandwich and add two pieces of fruit. And, at dinner, you should make your plate with at least 50% of broccoli, salad, cauliflower, asparagus, or any other type of vegetable you love. By this way, you will not only get enough nutrients but also reduce the amount of calories as well as fat consumed.

3. Eat Your Colors

Healthy Eating Habits - Eat Your Colors

The colors of vegetables and fruit reflect the different antioxidant phytochemicals they include. Many of these substances can protect against some chronic disease, yet in a slightly different manner, the best protection is to contain as many various phytochemicals as possible. The more color in your own salad, the better.This is one of fundamental healthy eating habits that everyone must know.

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4. Get At Least 3 Grams Of Fiber In Each Meal

Healthy Eating Habits - Get At Least 3 Grams Of Fiber In Each Meal

Fiber can improve the digestive function of your body, lower your blood sugar levels, and promote your cardiovascular health. The high-fiber foods consist of beans, lentils, oatmeal, and green leafy veggie. When choosing carbohydrate-rich snacks, and grains, you should make sure that you add 3 grams of fiber per serving.

5. Avoid Eating On The Run

Healthy Eating Habits - Avoid Eating On The Run

When it comes to learn how to stop binge eating, it is worth mentioning that fast food is one of the culprits causing this problem. Actually, when people eat on the go, they often see the food as a snack or a fast food. As a result, they grab and gulp quickly without chewing carefully. And, even a smallish fast food lunch such as diet soda, small burger, and medium fries offers approximately 800 calories which is much more than an average woman wants to take at her dinner. Due to we consider the food we eat on the run as a snack, then we tend to overeat at the next meal.

6. Make Your Ingredient List Shorter

Healthy Eating Habits - Make Your Ingredient List Shorter

Do you notice that most of the healthiest foods just contain one ingredient, such as spinach, blueberries, broccoli, and so on. Fact is, longer list means you add more sugar, salt, and artificial flavors to your dish. That way, you eat more unhealthy food.

7. The Price Does Not Equal To The Nutrient Dense

Healthy Eating Habits - The Price Does Not Equal To The Nutrient Dense

According to some studies, comparing prices between a list of healthy grocery stuff and a list of less nutritious one does not make sense. With extremely rare exception, it is estimated that the smart options cost no more than the left. Thus, you can consider alternating lentils or beans for meat, or you can make a home-made sandwich instead of eating it at a restaurant.

8. Spend Extra Minutes On Preparing Meals

Healthy Eating Habits - Spend Extra Minutes On Preparing Meals

This is one of the most basic healthy eating habits you should create. By spending additional minutes on planning for nutritious eating, you are investing in your better health and also your family’s health. Spending extra minutes means you should prepare a home-cooked, wholesome meal as it just takes about 10 minutes longer to plan, on average, than that with processed food. Also, it is necessary for you to know some basic home food safety tips to prepare a healthy diet plan for your family.

On the other hand, those few extra minutes you add on preparing your healthy meals will help you save a much huger amount of time you might spend of doctor visits for obesity, diabetes, or heart disease.

9. Stop Eating Before Feeling Full

Healthy Eating Habits - Stop Eating Before Feeling Full

Eat slowly and slow the speed of your eating. Focus on what you are eating. Quit when you feel about 80% full. Once your pause, you will soon realize that mostly full is really full enough. Nutritionists indicate that eating at a leisure pace will allow people to drop 20 pounds per year.

10. You Actually Are What You Eat

Healthy Eating Habits - You Actually Are What You Eat

The last but not least important one in this list of healthy eating habits is paying attention to your eating regime. Do you want to have radiant skin? It is noticed that your skin is up to the flow of blood for oxygen and nutrients. The best manner to keep your body health and humming is to eat a well-planned, nutritious diet. In other words, the best way you can do is to foster your overall health via lucid eating.

The top 10 healthy eating habits above are basic but important for anyone who wants to live a healthy life. What you should do is to begin with the fist healthy eating habit in this list.

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