Top 13 hot weather tips – stay cool in the heat

We all suffer in hot weather. Nevertheless, for elderly and disabled people and those with chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, the weather does not have to hit 100 degrees to result in heat stress or even deadly heat stroke. In general, no matter who you are and whether you are running, playing a pickup game of volleyball or basket ball or going or a power walk, you should take care when the temperatures rise. Here are top useful hot weather tips to stay healthy and cool in even the hottest weather that you should not overlook.

1. Wear Cool Clothing

 hot weather tips - wear cool clothing
The first one in the list of hot weather tips you will learn today is a tip on dressing. Dress light-weight, light-colored, loose-fatting clothing, preferably of natural fabrics such as cotton. Heat is trapped by synthetic fibres, yet cotton absorbs perspiration and its evaporation causes you to feel much cooler. Additionally, the light colors will reflect the radiation of the sun. Besides, you should use hats as well as umbrellas outside.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink plenty of fluids including water, fruit and vegetable juice even when you are not thirsty. Avoid alcohol as it might hydrate your body. You are better off with low-sugar fizzy drinks, mineral water. Also, avoid tea, or coffee as they will increase your body’s metabolic heat. If you suspect dehydration, seek medical help instantly.

3. Eat Often And Small Meals

 hot weather tips - eat often and small meals
You should eat more often and eat small meals. The larger your meal is, the more metabolic heat your own body creates for breaking down the food. Also, avoid those foods which are high in protein as they might enhance metabolic heat.

4. Eat Spicy Food
This seems so strange, and might be the last thing you fancy in hot weather. However, chillies and curies could stimulate heat receptors in your mouth, increase circulation and lead to sweating, which will cool your body down.

5. Use Cooling Aloe Vera Aftersun Products

 hot weather tips - use cooling aloe vera aftersun products
Women had better replace their body moisturizer with a cooling aloe vera aftersun product and use it in the morning or night. By this way, you will lower your skin temperature.

6. Avoid Physical Activity
Slow down, and if possible avoid physical activity which will increase your body’s core temperature. If you must do, do it when the weather is the coolest – about before 7 am.

7. Spend Time In Public Space Which Is Cool

 hot weather tips - spend time in public space which is cool
In case you do not have air conditioning, then spending time in a shopping mall, movie theatre, or public library is a good idea to stay cool in hot weather. Many cities even have some cooling centers that are open to the public on those sweltering days.

8. Drink Chrysanthemum Tea

This type of tea is considered as a cooling herb which will clear the heat, according to practitioners. In addition, this tea can allow you to relax body naturally and is one of natural detox tips you can take advantage of quickly.

9. Breathe Deeply

 hot weather tips - breathe deeply
Did you know that breathing can help you stay cool? A cooling breathing technique from Yoga can do it for you. Roll your tongue and breathe slowly via your mouth. This will help you reduce your body heat. Moreover, learning how to breathe deeply also means that you are learning how to reduce stress naturally. What you need to do is to breathe in via your rolled tongue and breathe out via your nose. When you breathe via your mouth, your saliva will cool the air you breathe before it gets into the lungs.

10. Use Cool Damp Flannels

If you plan to go out in hot days, then in the previous night, you should roll some damp flannels up and pop them in the freezer. Next morning, put them in your plastic bag and carry on with you. When you feel hot, unwrap them and place over your face.

11. Put Ice In Front Of The Fan

 hot weather tips - put ice in front of the fan
Use your electric floor fan and put some cups of ice in front of it. That way, the ice will cool the air around and the fan will blow the air toward you. This combination could beat most insufferable heat waves.

12. Cool The Pillow

Wrap your pillow in a certain plastic bag. After that, put it in the fridge. Wait until you go to bed, take it out and you will have a cool place to rest the head. Moreover, your temples are pulse points in which veins are close to your skin’s surface; thus, cooling these areas will reduce heat throughout your body.

13. Breath Into An Ice Cup

This is one of most interesting hot weather tips that you have learned, right? Hold a cup of ice over the mouth and breathe into it. By this way, you will force out the cold air in the cup and produce a cool breeze to soothe dreams of the air conditioning.

These hot weather tips are the simplest things you could do to stay cool and healthy in hot days. Just simply apply some or all of them right in this summer, and you will be healthy and gorgeous even in the hottest days.