Top 16 new and fun mom and baby workouts for young moms

Exercise is often the last thing on the mind of a lot of new moms, particularly when taking in account what need to do with their little one while they work out. In fact, there are actually a wealth of exercises you, as a new mom, could do with your baby. Here are top new and fun mom and baby workouts for you to implement instantly:

1. Break A Sweat With Your Baby

mom and baby workouts - Break A Sweat With Your Baby
As a young mom, you will be busy from the morning till night, yet that does not mean you cannot squeeze in an efficient workout. It is easy for you to practice some energizing and quick mom and baby workouts that could be done at home within just a few minutes. These exercises will work your entire body but do not take from you hours of attempt. Besides, your sweet baby will be front and center during these movements. Therefore, two of you could bond while working out. Do this routine separately or together every day. Consult your doctor and if possible, you can start doing these workouts after six weeks of giving birth.
However, when it comes to baby safety during the workouts, as these exercises requires your baby to be able to hold his head up on his own, so you need to make sure that he could do that without any discomfort. On the other hand, before performing any exercise, you had better roll the shoulders back and down and draw the navel towards the spine in order to protect your back. Additionally, you need to inhale via your nose while expanding the ribs and exhale via your mouth while drawing the abdominal muscles in. When it comes to learning tips on how to set weight loss goals, this exercise also initially sets you up for weight loss.

2. Multitasking Move

To do this exercise, firstly, you lie on your left side, then, prop the upper body on the left forearm, make sure that the elbows stay under the shoulder. Your left leg should be on the floor, with the right leg stacked on the top if it. Keep your right arm resting straight out over the hip. After that, place your weight on the left arm and shoulder as well before lifting the hips off the floor so that you will come into a side plank position. If possible, you should help this position whilst extending the right arm over the head, your palm facing down. Practice this exercise for 2 sets with 10 repetitions each one on each of your sides.

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3. Baby Dancing

mom and baby workouts - Baby Dancing

In this list of mom and baby workouts I will introduce today, the level of workouts will increase. Dancing supplies a light cardiovascular workout that involves in many main muscle groups, and also enhances dancers’ coordination and balance. Dancing can also promote your mood no matter how stressed and tired you may be. To dance with your baby, you need to hold him or be with him in a front carrier which keeps him close your own body and assists his head. Turn on the kind of music you love and start dancing. Keep your abs drawn in. If you want to experience different feelings of dancing, try intervals of moderately fast and slow music for keeping the heart rate elevated. While dancing, you should breathe deeply or sing out loud in order to monitor the exertion level.
Also, you could place your sweet baby in the bouncy seat or swing and begin dancing around him. Just make the movements animated and large while maintaining your eye contact with him. In other words, dancing is a great way on how to reduce stress naturally and quickly.

4. Leg Extensions

Do this exercise by sitting on the park bench with your baby sitting on one of your shin or on the top of your foot. Hold his hands while lifting the legs straight up to work the quad.

5. Tush Tightener

mom and baby workouts - Tush Tightener
Lie on the stomach with the baby in front of you, then, bend the legs in order to create a 90 degree angle. Rest your hands and chin in front of you. Keep the feet flexed, slowly lift the knees off the ground, squeeze the legs together when you push your feet upward the ceiling. Keep this position for about 20 seconds before returning to the start point. Practice the routine from 3-5 times.

6. Front-Carrier Squats
Begin by standing with your feet pasted your shoulders, your toes turned out slightly. Then, inhale and lower the body down to create a 90-degree angle, weight placed over your heels, navel pulled in, and tailbone pointed to the ground. Then, exhale and return the starting point. Practice 3 times of 12 repetitions.

7. Bend Squats

mom and baby workouts - Bend Squats
In this list of new and fun mom and baby workouts, the bend squats exercise is considered as the most effective one for your tummy. Hold your baby when you squat down and sit on a bench. Keep the belly in tight when you drive through your heels and then stand up.

8. Lunges

This exercise will be started when you take a large step forward while keeping your baby securely. Bend the legs to create a 90 degree angle to have a lunge position. As your baby is in front of you, you should keep the abs pulled in tight but do not hurt your lower back. Keep your front knees not going over your front toes.

9Glute Lifts

mom and baby workouts - Glute Lifts
The next one in the list of new mom and baby workouts you should follow is glute lift. Initially, lie on the back and place your baby on your own tummy. Then, drive through the heels before lifting the hips up, squeeze the glutes via the motion. After that, lower your body down and repeat. Do this and you will know how to stretch your back muscles easily.

10. Shoulder Press
Start this mom and baby workout by standing up and holding the baby within your hands. Use your shoulders for lifting the baby up in the air. Inhale and keep your abdominals tight for protecting the lower back. After that, bring your baby down for kisses. Repeat this routine for several times if you want.

11. Pike Stretch

mom and baby workouts - Pike Stretch
Sit on the floor with the legs straight out and your sweet baby lying on his back and on the top of your legs. Then, reach towards your baby and stretch your hamstrings as well as back.

12. Sit-Ups

Start by lying on the back with the knees bent at the 90 degree angle. Place your baby sit on your tummy and hold his hands. Star performing a sit-up, working the abdominal muscles and give him kisses when you are at the top of the movement.

13. Cobra Stretch

mom and baby workouts - Cobra Stretch
Lie on the stomach and keep the hips on the floor when lifting the torso up. Stretch the abdomen muscles. Place your baby lie on the floor in front of you. When you come back down, kiss him. This is really one of fun mom and baby workouts you can practice every day.

14. Abdominal Plank

Lie down with your tummy facing down. Hold this position on the toes and forearms. Lay your baby on the floor under your body when you nuzzle his neck with your nose.

15. Push-Ups

mom and baby workouts - Push-Ups
Do this by laying your baby on his back and get into the position of push-up. Keep the abdominals engaged and the whole body in the only straight line. Every time you lower down for pushing up, give your sweet baby zerbert.

16. Tick-Tocks

Because your hips expand during pregnancy, so you might have lost your baby weight yet still could not button your old jeans. Practicing this side leg-lift will help you reverse the condition. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, place your hands on your waist. Put your whole weight on the left foot, then lift the right leg out to that side, keep it straight and parallel to your left leg. Return slowly and start again. Do this for two sets of 10 repetitions on each side.

These 16 new and fun mom and baby workouts are really easy-to-implement right from your own home. Do this every day for weight loss and toning your whole body safely.

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