Top 20 ways on how to improve mental health and well being

People who are emotionally healthy will be in control of their own behavior and their own emotions. They can handle all challenges of the life, build their strong relationships, and they can recover from the setbacks. But this can require effort to build and maintain their physical health, so people need to learn how to improve mental health. To improve mental health will be a rewarding some experiences, benefiting some aspects of the life, including building the resilience, boosting the mood, and adding to their enjoyment of the life.

1. Assess The Strength Of The Needs And Learn To Obtain The Proper Amounts For The Happiness

how to improve mental health - Assess the strength of the needs and learn to obtain the proper amounts for the happiness

We have 5 basic needs, there are connection, significance, freedom, enjoyment and survival. While we share all of them in common, the strength of human needs vary. Example, a person can be high in enjoyment and connection, while other person may be high in freedom and significance. The important point to happiness is to engage in human behavior that can bring people the precise amount of every need they want.

2. Protect Your Self Esteem

The self-esteem is the best armor we wear to the big battle of our life, and yet when this armor is low, we will become injure, and self-critical. We will never spread the salt on the cut or run outside in a short T-shirt in the freezing weather if we are having a cold. However, for some special reason, we all have no qualms of kicking this self-esteem when it has down already. When the  emotional armor are weak, we will more vulnerable to many things, such as failure, anxiety, stress, and rejection. So we should stop our self-criticism and protect the self-esteem when it become low by the best way of practicing the self-compassion. Whenever the self-critical thoughts pop into our head, consider what we will say to a best friend who expressed the similar feelings. Practicing the self-compassion and allowing our self-esteem in order to recover will bring a huge boost to our mental health totally.

3. Walk Outside

how to improve mental health - walk outside

People should skip the gym and think about going for a walk outdoors. While exercising is a huge boost to people’s mental health, and going for a outdoor run or walk outside has many vital and improtant health benefits. Studies showed that people exert more effort, and they will have many increased signs of “vitality, pleasure, self-esteem and enthusiasm,” as compared to getting indoors.

4. Take Care Of Your Whole Body

To learn how to improve mental health, people need to learn how to take care of your whole body, physically, mentally, and emotionally. All people need to make sure that they:

  • Eat all nutritious foods and meals. It is also necessary for people to get to know some tips to balance your diet
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Exercise, which cab support to decrease anxiety and depression in order to improve the mood.

5. Take Vitamin B12

how to improve mental health - take vitamin b12

People have always known taking vital vitamins is very important, but do they know about all benefits of vitamin B12? Some studies showed that the severe deficiency of vitamin B12 will lead to anxiety, paranoia, harmful problems, and depression. Get the vimatin B12 dosage from the pill supplements, or gettting it by eating some foods, like eggs, dairy products, and poultry.

6. Find The Balance In All Things

Everything that happens to people has equal negative and positive qualities; a yang and a ying, cons and pros. The problem is the perception again. We all intend to label all of things as bad or good, negative or positive, pleasurable or painful. The truth is, all the both sides are present. It always depends on where people place their focus. Seeing all both sides equally can do a great thing when it comes to learning how to improve mental health.

7. Listen To Slow Music

how to improve mental health - listen to slow music

A lot of studies showed that performing some tasks while listening to some classical tracks like Pachelbel’s “Canon in D Major” soothes the mind in order to reduces the anxiety. If people are not one for the classical music, opt for some other songs or tracks that are simple and slow.

8. Learn Some Ways To Deal With The Stress

Even you like stress or not, you need to know that stress is a simple part of the life. When it comes to learning how to reduce stress, you should practice some good coping skills, such as do Tai Chi, or outdoor exercise, take a simple walk, play with some friends and pet or try simple journal writing as a simple stress reducer. Also, people need to remember to smile and love the humor in the life. Research some TV shows that can make you laugh because it will be able to boost the immune system, ease pain, relax body and reduce all stressful problems.

9. Use Lavender Oil

how to improve mental health - use lavender oil

Put some drops of the lavender oil on the pillow. Some studies show that the very essential oil will be able to improve the sleep quality and support battle insomnia. If people do not want it on their pillow, they can try drinking some drops of the lavender tea before going to bed in order to get full healthful benefits. This is the effective way on how to improve mental health.

10. Spend Money On Someone Else

All people need to know that the victorious feeling they get when they can find the perfect gift for any someone? That is happiness levels skyrocketing. Many studies showed that all people who often buy some gift for their friends and family member feel happier all the day. And they do not need to break their bank every time, they just spend about $5 for any one for the perfectly effective.

11. Take Time To Enjoy

how to improve mental health - take time to enjoy

All people should set aside time for their hobbies, and activities and projects themselves enjoy. Let themselves be creative and spontaneous when the urge takes them. Do the crossword; take a outside walk in their local park; read their favourit books; draw pictures, sew a quilt, or play game with their childrens or their pets, everything that takes them fancy.

12. Participate And Share Interests

They also can join a special group or club of people who want to share their interests. Being a part of the group of many people with the common interest will provide a sense of the belonging and is very good for the mental health. Join a band, or a sports club; an walking group; a choir or theatre or group; a dance class; a car or book club.

13. Surround Yourself With Good People

how to improve mental health - surround yourself with good people

People with the social connections and strong family are often healthier than other people who do not have a good support network. Make full plans with all supportive friends and family members, or seek out some activities where they can meet some new people, like a club, class or some support group. People should develop and maintain the strong relationships with other people around them who can support and enrich the life. The quality of the personal relationships contains a great effect on the well-being. Putting more effort and time into building the strong relationships will bring many great rewards.

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14. Get Creative

There are 2 things, we know to be true: creativity will come in many different forms, and people need the creative outlet. People can love painting, cooking, translating some 19th century Russian novels, arranging some flowers in the room, or rebuilding computers or taking apart. People should spend time for them, because when they neglect their creativity, that is when they begin to feel unfulfilled and empty.

15. Talk It Out

how to improve mental health - talk it out

To learn how to improve mental health is talking out all problems. Never, ever underestimate the full power of venting to the best friend, and all family members. If they have a special hard time opening up to their loved ones, people can think of all times they have helped each one via tough times in the life. Almost people will be more than happy to return all favors. And trust me, this is the best way for you to improve mental health.

16. Rest And Refresh

Learn some seasonal sleep tips to get a lot of sleep if you want to improve mental health. People should go to the bed at the regular time every day and practice many good habits to get a better sleep. Sleep will be able to restore both their body and mind. However, the feelings of fatigue still sets in if people feel constantly overwhelmed and rushed when they are awake. People need to allow themselves some unfocused time every day to relax and refresh; for example, let their mind daydream, wander, or simply watch clouds go. It will be okay to add “do nothing” to the to-do list!

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17. Meditate

how to improve mental health - meditate

All people know meditation is constantly touted as the weapon for mind fixing and clearing. Meditation is one of the most effective ways on how to improve mental health. The mindful meditation will increase the emotional regulator of brain, and it also support to combat anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression. Start it slowly by meditating for 3 to 4 minutes per day to get comfortable with silence.

18. Accept Others Exactly As They Are

Know that everyone has their own life to live, and in this life, they can go around and get any option to spend it however they want and choose. If you do not like the way a particular man is choosing to live his life, then limit your own involvement with that person. All people need to stop trying to force people to change.

19. Avoid Alcohol Or Other Drugs

how to improve mental health - avoid alcohol or other drugs

All people should keep all drinks with alcohol in a minimum lever and avoid all kinds of drugs. Sometimes human use alcohol or some other drugs to “self-medicate” but in fact, alcohol or some other drugs are aggravate problems.

20. Get Help When You Need It
Seeking help from other people is a sign of the strength. And it is very necessary to remember that this treatment is very effective. People who get the appropriate care will recover from substance abuse disorders, and mental illness and lead rewarding and full lives.

This full writing provides all people with many ways on how to improve mental health. If any person wants to add their ideas or comments in this post, just feel free to put them at the end of this post. We welcome all comments and will reply all as soon as we can!