Top 7 safe and fun health tips for summer picnic –

Most of us love a picnic and it is really easy to see why. One of the greatest pleasures of the summer is that you can go out for a picnic comfortably. Whether it is one a picnic table in the back yard of your home, or sitting on a blanket under the shady tree in a certain public park, you should not sit in the air-conditioned house, just get out. Keep reading these top safe and fun health tips for summer picnic to prepare a perfect and special picnic!

  1. Choose The Picnic Site

Choose The Picnic Site

The first one in this list of safe and fun tips for summer picnic is choosing your picnic site. Do not picnic in the areas where you are not permitted. These areas might be declared “off limits” to picnickers to protect vegetation, wildlife, and also for your safety. Take precautions against picnicking in a certain area that might be dangerous to prevent a sudden flood. You had better check with the local rangers to find
a legal and safe picnic area. Furthermore, check with your forest, local park, public lands agents to see if there is any precaution necessary to be taken in regard to storing food away from the wildlife. Well, feeding the wildlife while having a picnic is not a good idea.

If you are going to a city to visit a museum, then you should scout out a nearby public garden to have a lunchtime picnic or picnic on the museum grounds before entering it.

  1. Keep The Menu Simple

Keep The Menu Simple

By keeping your menu simple, you will minimize your work and frustration. Concretely:

  • When planning your menu, you should opt for foods which everybody likes, yet do not ask each one what they really want as you might end up bringing more food than you need. Just choose some of the best choices to plan a menu which is everything to everyone.
  • Besides, you had better consider a menu of finger foods. Avoid preparing those foods which need a fork, a plate, and a serving spoon. Finger foods like chips, sandwiches, veggies, and dip will decrease not only the utensils and dishes you must take with you, but also the ones you have to wash.
  1. Get Organized

Get Organized

When it comes to safe health tips for summer picnic, getting well organized is also good when it comes to tip on how to reduce stress in summer picnic.

  • Make a full list of all necessary things to take. Keep the foods in the refrigerator and check them off when packing them.
  • Keep things packed and ready to go into your picnic basket so that you just need to add the last-minute items before leaving.
  1. Being Prepared

Being Prepared


Prepare items carefully in order to make sure your picnic will go smoothly. The items include a picnic basket, a blanket, tablecloth, quilt, and other cover if necessary. Besides, you also need bring plates, cups, utensil, serving pieces, paper towels as well as napkins, plastic bag, and any condiment you need like mustard, pepper, salt, relish, and ketchup.

  1. Food Safety Tips For Picnic

Food Safety Tips For Picnic

When it comes to safe health tips for summer picnic, it is important to count on serving.

  • Keep the temperature. The most basic rule of safety for summer picnic food is maintaining the right temperature. Those hot foods should be kept hot while cold ones should be kept cold. Actually, hot means at least 140 degrees and cold about 40 degrees and even lower. You should make use of insulated containers to keep the necessary temperature. Keep eggs, uncooked meat and dairy products chilled in a cooler or ice chest before serving or cooking.
  • Keep food covered. When preparing foods, it is important for you to protect your delicious foods from the nasty disease carrying flies or insects.
  • Keep it clean. Cleanliness as handling your food is as important as when you are at your kitchen. Unless you have washing facilities or water at the picnic site, take some bottles of hand sanitizer.
  • Separation. Yes. You need to remember to keep plates, utensils, and boards used for preparing the raw food away from finished food. In fact, cross-contamination is one of main culprits of food poisoning. Additionally, do not transport partially-cooked foods because these are the optimum conditions for the bacteria to develop. Foods need to be cooked completely before leaving home or cooked when you arrive at the site of picnic.
  • Timing. Even your food is well covered in the saran wrap, you still should not leave it under the sun too long. Once cold food is off the ice, they will start warm up and not tasting nice. This is also a good breeding source for those nasty germs. In other words, with hot food, once it is out of the thermal containers, so you either put it in the plastic container, or you throw it away.
  1. Picnic Fun

Picnic Fun

Do not forget to take some items that can get you moving, such as a Frisbee, a couple of mitts and a baseball, a soccer ball, or a football. In case you live close to the local park, taking your bikes or walking, or rollerblading will be good ideas of getting moving.

  1. What You Must Not Take

What You Should Not Take

If you plan to go picnic, then taking a music system of any kind like a radio is not a good idea. Besides, an unruly dog or kids should not go with you in a picnic. If the picnic site is not open for candles, portable barbecues, or other fire risk, you should not bring them.

No after reading all of the above fun and safe health tips for summer picnic, you know how easy it is to plan the perfect picnic. Remember to be organized, keep it simple, and be prepared, yet most of all remembers to have fun!