Top biggest face washing mistakes and tips

Washing your own face seems rather simple and easy because you have been doing it for a long time. However, have you ever thought that you may be doing something wrong? Have you have discover a break of acne appearing on your face? Sometimes, your wrong way of washing your face can result in acne, wrinkles, dryness, rashes, irritation, and other skin problems. Then, now is the time to think. Here are some common yet biggest face washing mistakes and tips you should consider to get healthier and smoother facial skin than ever before.

  1. Pick The Wrong Product 

Yes, the right cleanser should entirely eliminate dirt, makeup and grime, yet not strip away too much of natural oils or healthy cells of your skin. It is critical for you to choose your cleanser as per your skin kind. To keep it simple, you should opt for the product that is neither too gentle, nor too harsh. An unsuitable or harsh cleanser could make your skin red and dry.

  1. Over Doing It

As recommendation, washing once or twice per day is good protocol for the facial skin, yet any more could irritate skin, leading to an overproduction of skin oil. In case you do not wear makeup, or slather on sunscreen, skip the cleanser at night and try rinsing with tepid water. Just give your skin a break from the cycle of beauty products as it is healthy from time to time.

  1. Using The Wrong Temperature Of Water

We both know that hot water open the skin pores while cold water closes them. The fact is that skin pores do not have muscles to open or close. Though hot water might bring the good feeling for your skin, it could screw with your skin’s productive, natural oils and result in over-drying or over manufacture of sebum. Instead of using hot water, it is the best for you to use lukewarm water as it gently cleanse your skin.

  1. Over Exfoliating

In reality, exfoliation is always a healthy practice for the skin to slough off dead skin cells. However, moderation is the key. Initially, you should cool it on grainy exfoliants with fruit acids or sugar scrubs and stick to exfoliating about 2 or 3 times each week. Make use of your fingers rather than using the washcloth when exfoliating in order to prevent pulling or tugging of your skin.

  1. Do Not Rinsing Well

Skimping on rinsing will result in residue build-up that could clog pores and dry out your skin. Just rinse thoroughly, even when you are rushing in the morning or tired at night. Do it well with your jawline, hairline, and nose as they are the most popularly neglected spots.

  1. Resorting Irritating Ingredients

Avoid irritating ingredients like colorants, synthetic preservative, and fragrances. Do your own face a favor. The sodium lauryl sulfate is commonly used as a surfactant to flush away debris, yet it also causes irritation as well as allergic reaction. Thus, keep in mind to read ingredient labels whenever you buy a new beauty product. Additionally, using natural product with healthy ingredients overtime will help you fade age spots.

  1. Towel Rubbing

Just pat without rubbing as rubbing could feel actually good, but it also tugs as well as pulls your skin that puts the skin elastin at risk. Also, do not grab any hand towel to use for your face. Designate a soft, clean towel to blot your lovely face.

  1. Lack Of Moisturizing

In order to maximize the absorption and help seal in moisture, you should apply moisturizer instantly after cleansing whilst your skin is still damp. Do the same with serums or any particular treatment products. If you wait until your skin is entirely dry, then you will make it harder for the active, healthy ingredients to sink into the skin and could make your skin feel tacky or greasy.

  1. Forget Removing Makeup

This has been said time again and again. Removing makeup is not a choice – it is a must. Just think of it this way – you have to let your skin breath and it simply could not do so under that clump of makeup. You are just suffocating your delicate skin.

10. Over Wash Eye Skin

The last one in the list of biggest face washing mistakes that many individuals make is over washing their eye skin. Many people splash water on their own face in an urge to wake themselves s up in the morning. However, you need to do more gently here. Actually, the skin under your eye is more delicate than other areas of the face. Therefore, you should use your own fingers to gently rub the under eye skin and eyelids. Besides, use a gentle eye makeup remover and avoid using harsh cleansers or soaps directly on that skin area.