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Many runners want to lose one or two pounds. Why do they want that? Because it is simple: if they lose some weight, they can look better, feel better, boost their health, and also run farther and faster.

However, weight loss can be very difficult. In fact, some national health surveys showed that all Americans in general are fatter. Sure, all regular runners need to be ahead of pack, but a lot of them are still losing their weight-gain war.

What they need is an easy and simple plan with many super healthy foods. People should focus on the handful of dietary changes that can produce many significant weight-loss results.

This below list covers a lot of supper healtthy foods to lose weight fast for all people over the world.

1. Hummus And Veggies

Foods To Lose Weight Fast - Hummus And Veggies

Middle Eastern chickpea spread can be used for a simple and protein-rich snack that can support the body to fight hunger and balance the blood sugar levels. Baked pita chips and some veggies will be able to make the bigger impacts than some people can think. Hummus  can improve the energy because this food contains vital iron, and the red bell pepper slices are vitamin C-rich foods, which can support to use and absorb the vital iron from the hummus. Follow the simple and healthy recipe for the plain hummus by throwing one can of chickpeas in the blender with one dash of the cumin, some drops of the virgin olive oil, sea salt, and splash of the lemon juice. People also can keep a few batches in their freezer so they can do is thaw. [See: fitness tips for beginners]

2. Mushrooms

Research shows that when you ate the mushroom-based entrees, you felt just as satisfied as when you had eaten those same dishes made with the heavy beef—thoughyou had taken in the fraction of fat and calories. Swap the mushrooms for meat in the recipe for the Portobello “Philly Cheese Steak” Sandwich and some other marvelous mushroom recipes. All kind of mushrooms can be used as the healthy foods to lose weight fast.

3. Eggs And Sausage

Foods To Lose Weight Fast - Eggs And Sausage

The protein-rich snack and breakfast can support all people to resist snack attacks during the day.

In the study of a group of many obese young women, who begin the day with about 35 grams of the fat and protein – that is probably method more than people are eating. These women ate a breakfast with 350 calories that contained a beef sausage patty and an egg. The effect of the breakfast with high protein can last into the evening, when those women munched less on sugary and fatty goods than the women who ate cereal for their breakfast. So egg and sausage can be considered as healthy foods to lose weight fast!

4. Beans

Inexpensive, versatile and filling, beans are a good source of healthy and natural protein. Beans are great source of fiber and slow to digest. That means people will feel full longer, which can stop them from eating another meal. A cup of the black beans packs a about 15 grams of the natural and satisfying protein and does not contain the saturated fat that found in some other sources of protein, like beef or other red meat.

Beans stay in the digestive system longer and make the feeling of the fullness and the satisfied feeling, aiding the weight loss. Beans contain protein, insoluble and soluble fiber, and the kind of the fat-burning carbs called the resistant starch. Black beans are really one of the healthy foods to lose weight fast. [See: Old School New Body book]

5. Apples

Foods To Lose Weight Fast - apples

For a mere 95 calories, one medium apple has 4 grams of the fiber. And recent study, published in Journal of Nutrition, shows that improving the fiber intake can support people to avoid weight gain and encourage the weight loss. People can add apples to the fiber-rich recipes with healthy foods to lose weight fast.

People should skip the applesauce and the apple juice and opt instead for a crunchy apple as this raw fruit contains more fiber. Moreover, chewing sends the signals to the brain that people have eaten something substantial.

6. Olive Oil 

The olive oil contains healthy fat that can increase satiety, taming the appetite. And this is the best oil for all fat people to add in their diet in order achieve the target on how to set weight loss goals.

Olive oil has antioxidant – polyphenols. They can support the body to detoxify the unbalanced molecules, or free radicals. This oil is one of the excellent remedies for the rheumatoid arthritis.

Research points out that it contains many anti-inflammatory properties, and the chronic inflammation in body is linked to the metabolic syndrome. Drizzle the salad with the olive oil and all people will increase the power of antioxidant of the veggies.

7. Oats

Foods To Lose Weight Fast - Oats

Oats are the great source of fiber, so a meal of oats will support people to feel full during the day. Just one pack of 4.6 grams contains enough healthy carb that improves burns fat and metabolism. Eating the breakfast with some “slow-release carbohydrates”, like bran cereal and oatmeal, 3 hours before people exercise can help them burn fat. Here is why: in the research, eating the slow-release carbohydrates did not spike the blood sugar as high as consuming the refined carbohydrates, like white toast. Moreover, the insulin levels did not spike as high and because the insulin can play the role in signaling the body to store fat, having lower levels will support people to burn fat faster.

8. Hot Chili Peppers

In a research, eating the hot pepper (in capsules and in tomato juice) about 30 minutes before their meal supported study participants feel less hungry and consume about 10% less. Adding the hot spices to their meals will support to curb hunger. If people need more reason to add the hot chili to their meal, they can see some studies of the State University at Buffalo in New York city, they showed that the capsaicin triggers the brain to release the feel-good endorphins. The hot chili will bring a good mood and a full belly to all people.

–      People can add the hot chili to good soup as a great part of their weight-loss arsenal. The fat-free chili is very tasty, simple to prepare, and filled with the healthy fiber.

–      All people can save: 22 grams of fat, and 200 calories compared with the restaurant and prepared chilies.

9. Avocados

Foods To Lose Weight Fast - Avocado



The oleic acid, the compound in healthy monounsaturated fats in avocados can trigger the body to quiet hunger. People can eat a half of an avocado every day as a way on how to lose belly fat right away. This creamy fruit is a great source of protein and fiber.

10. Nuts

For a healthy snack people can consume a small handful of peanuts, walnuts, pecans, and almonds. Study points out that when a person munches on nuts, he/she eat less at the later meals automatically.

Chew more nuts to curb the hunger. All participants chew a two-ounce cup of the almonds, they can get the maximum satisfaction, they can also feel fuller longer. Chewing more will be able to cause the greater release of the fat from nuts, which will trigger the hormones that can curb hunger.

11. Tomatoes

Foods To Lose Weight Fast - tomatoes


This beautiful veggie can work best in many Indian recipes and it is also one of the best healthy foods to lose weight fast. When people munch on the tomato, the body releases one kind of the hormone called the cholecystokinin,  which will be able to tighten the valve between the intestine and the stomach. This food can boost feelings of the fullness.

This weight loss veggie can improve the energy, control the appetite, detoxify the body, reduce cholesterol, and stabilize the blood sugar levels. The tomatoes are very low in calories.

When using tomatoes in your dishes, avoid mixing them with bread, pasta, potatoes or rice, as this combination can cause acidity.

12. Turmeric

A favorite ingredient in Indian kitchens is turmeric which can support to the digestion system and improve the weight loss. Curcumin, the phenol in the turmeric supports to keep fatty tissue at the minimum. Adding the turmeric to the daily diet can support the weight loss.

This food can be used in a optimum dose is effective in soothing ulceration and gastric inflammation, which can be the important key to improve the new drugs against the stomach disorders.

13. Garlic Foods To Lose Weight Fast - garlic

Overweight person who sprinkled the food with zero-calorie spice lost about 30 pounds in 6 months, compared to the two-pound loss in a control group.
The allicin in fresh garlic is very effective for fighting against the high insulin, unhealthy blood sugar, and high cholesterol. Moreover, the garlic is a good appetite controller, and it is perfect for the healthy weight loss.

This kind of food can support to prevent the various cancers, fight diabetes, respiratory, and cardiovascular diseases problems.  The fresh garlic can support to fight many infections.

14. Bananas

Bananas can be considers as a healthy diet and healthy food to lose weight lost. For some cases, the caloric deficit of ten to fifteen works best and that can create the greater caloric deficit causes generally more the muscle loss rather than the fat loss.
Bananas offer the healthy carbs which can bring energy the feeling of active and fuller. This food contains the high source of the mineral potassium which can support to lower the blood pressure. Fiber content of the bananas supports to control the hunger much better for all people who want to lose fat. And this food also helps students study well because it can supply the vitamin B6.
Bananas also help reduce the depression due to the Tryptophan content, the iron content also supports people with the anemia and it can support to reduce the constipation due to the fiber content in bananas.
This list contains all tops healthy foods to lose weight fast for all people who want to control their hunger. Make sure you like WikiYeah on Facebook to be updated every time we post brand new tips and tricks on ways to live a healthy life.