16 big physical turn offs for guys you don’t know about

Turn off are subjective, yet there are some turn offs for guys which are universal. Just like with girls, there are a lot of turn offs for guys that may not know about. Some girls might have big assets whilst others might have something considerably smaller.

And, what seems like a considerable turn off to a certain guy might be a big turn on for another. Physical turn offs are subjective and every guy you has met would have his personal likes and dislikes. If you want to get the attention of a guy and impress him, you should stop worrying about the things you could not change about yourself.

In fact, there are several things about yourself you could change and several things you could not. So, rather than focusing too much on the things that you could not fix, you should turn such imperfections into your own assets. The list below from Wikiyeah.com will uncover top 16 big physical turn offs for guys that girls might not know about. Keep them in mind and you will know how to catch the attention of a cute guy.

16 Physical Turn Offs For Guys – Things All Guys Notice

Turn offs for guys

1. Your Unkempt Nails

Whist you may think that long fingernails will be something that are attractive, it is really one of the big turn offs for guys. In fact, men like natural and if you have long fingernails, it might hurt your guy while making out with you. Thus, girls, you should stop biting nails, keep your fingernails short and do not over-do your nails.

2. Over Makeup

Just a slight layer of makeup will be fine for your beauty while dating. However, you should not go overboard. To most men, in reality, too little makeup seem to be better than too much makeup. Yet, to make it safe, you should take advantage of makeup to improve as well as accentuate your own face, not hiding it. Well, is it one of big turn offs for guys that you did not know? [Read: biggest physical turn ons for guys]

3. Extremely Perfumely

Whilst you may love the smell of your perfume and your man may like it in such a light form, if you spray after spray, it may not be the best thing. Smelling good is attractive, yet spraying yourself so that the scent embraces your skin is not. Hence, you should keep it light and your man will appreciate it. [Read: perfumes for women that men love]

4. Your Body Odor

It is not something that most girls put too much thoughts on, yet it does matter with guys. There might be times you are attacked by stress and have a sweaty underarm after a hardworking day. Yet, even when you do not smell your body odor, your guy could still smell of it, particularly when he gets close to neck or kiss you. So, pay attention to your body odor unless you want to make a big turn off for guys. 

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