11 common types of hugs that women give & what they mean

Could you understand a woman by the way she hugs you? These are 11 types of hugs that women often use and what their means. Hugging, a common expression of warm, shows various meanings about an individual. However, there is a thin line between a hug of greeting and something more. Just a little less or more pressure of a hug can vary its meaning. When you touch and hug a person in a specific place, it could mean something different than hugging and avoid touching that person anywhere. It could be confusing, particularly with the receiver.

What Do 11 Types Of Hugs That Women Commonly Use Mean?

For women, when it comes to hugs, they might be complicated and leave men flabbergasted, confused, and pleased at the same time. Many women play the mind games, and they could use their own charms and arms – to get what they want. Here, we from Wikiyeah.com introduce to you the list of 11 most common types of hugs that women commonly use.

Types of hugs

1. The Type Of Polite Hug

This hug is for hug’s sake only, which is often used for the purpose of etiquette. It is a type of hug in which the woman might act like she hugs you yet without touching you. In reality, this could be a little bit offensive. If you have a date with her, and she gives you this type of hugs, then it may means she is not really into you and maybe will not ready to go out on the second date with you.

2. The Type Of Gotta Go, Quickie Hug

Among common types of hugs, this one occurs when you catch one another in somewhere public like the street and the woman is in a hurry. Acknowledging you with a hug, regardles of the speed could mean a thing – they are actually happy to meet you but are in a hurry to go somewhere.

Also, it could mean something else, particularly in a situation where she is not really in a hurry, yet just want to get the hug over with. She might get close to you, and touch your shoulders but avoid your eye contact, head on her own way, and pretend to be in a hurry. Rather than being rude, she gives you a quick hug.

3. The Type Of Buddy Hug

This is a warm hug which is like all other crumbs of attention that she throws to you. It is when they wrap their arms around you before patting you on your pack. It is a friendly, nice and warm hug. Well, if the girl gives you such type of hug, then you may be just in a friend zone.

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4. The Type Of Bear Hug

If you and that woman are so comfortalbe and close with one another, then you could do almost everything without being self-conscious. She may not care whether or not the hug messes her hair or outfit, she will enthusiastically run to you with her arms open and hug you in a tight way. She misses you and feels happy to see you. But, the bad news is she may sees you as a dear friend.

5. The Type Of Sleepy Shoulder Hug

When it comes to types of hugs, this is not a hug that many girls will give you once she does not feel safe when being around you. She will wrap her arms around you and rests her head on your shoulders for a little while. If you just want to meet her, then you are lucky as she feels comfortable when being around you. If you have been seeing her for a while, then you are also in luck.

There is nothing wrong with such type of hug. If this is not all the hug that she gives you, it means she just sees you as a temporary shoulder to lean on, and nothing more.

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6. The Type Of One-Side Hug

Maybe, the most awkward type of hugs is one-side hugs. This unreciprocated hug is when you hug her, she lets you but her own arms are just limp on hẻ sides with her body getting stiff.

When she gives you such type of this hug at the end of the first date, then you should not expect the second one.

7. The Type Of Squeezing Hug

This is the type of hug that is easy to decode. If the woman hugs you using one or two of her arms, with an extra lovely and squeeze smile, then no matter how she feels about you, you could expect the second hug. Though it is not a romantic and passionate type of hug, it is a good sign, at least.

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8. The Type Of Snuggly Hug

It is more a cuddle. This kind of hug is often from a woman who likes you and feels safe and comfortably around you. This usualy occurs when you two are sitting together, whether on the couch, in the cinema, or anywhere.

This means she likes being with you, particualrly if two of you are all alone, you should watch out for more signs she falls in love with you.

9. The Type Of Lingering Hug

This subtle hug happens when she wrap just one or two arms around you and she put her hand on your back while pulling you in.

She holds such hug for a few additional miliseconds – just a bit longer than the standard 3-second hugging rule. Often, this is her way to let you know that she has a thing for you. You should watch for her additional facial expressions after that in order to know for sure.

10. The Type Of Side-By-Side Hug

Maybe, this is considered as one of the sweetest hugs that a woman could give. It is similar to a snuggly hug. She wraps her arm around your arm or wrap her arms around your waist. That means she likes you or she feels comfortable around you. Actually, she wantsto stay close to you whereever you two go together. It is a way for her to tell other people: this guy is mine.

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11. The Type Of Boob Hug

The last common kind among many types of hugs is this. She will hug you with just one or both of your arms, yet what you should watch out for is the way she intentionally press her boobs against your chest in order to make sure that you can feel them. She might even follow it with a sexy, lazy smile plus with a wink. If that is the case, then she is into you.

A hug could tell you many things about the way a woman thinks about you and if she wants to take the relationship with you to a higher level. Hugs could be a powerful way to get physically close to a woman, whether you are just dating or friends. A hug could provide you with signals about the relationship between you and her.