8 types of kisses girls like and crave for guys must know

You are a girl, so what types of kisses you like and dream of? You are a boy and want to know how to give your girlfriend such a kiss that she will absolutely crave for. Here Wikiyeah.com introduces top types of kisses girls like and would be thrilled to receive.

8 Types Of Kisses – Girls Like  And Crave For

1. Against Wall

 Types Of Kisses - Against Wall

This is one of the types of kisses that can get a little rough. Of course, you don’t want your man to hurt you, but you want to feel like he’s in control. He won’t be able to control how badly he wants you, so he pushes you up against the wall (with your consent of course) and you lock lips. It’s a passionate move that can get your hearts racing. Who wouldn’t want to have a kiss like this in the heat of the moment? [Read: how to kiss a girl for the first time]

2. Forehead

 Types Of Kisses - Forehead

There are many benefits of kissing you can get and kissing on forehead is one of types of kisses. This is a sweet gesture that can show how much your guy cares about you. It can come when you’re lying in bed together or as you’re holding hands in public. It’s nothing fancy, but simplicity doesn’t equal stupidity. Sometimes it’s nice to have a small exchange of affection. It can give you those amazing butterflies.

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