8 types of kisses girls like and crave for guys must know

3. Interruption

 Types Of Kisses - Interruption

The next one in this list of types of kisses girls like and dream of is interruption kiss. You do not want him to cut you off while you are trying to tell him something important, but the movies make these kisses look adorable. While you’re in the middle of a sentence, he’ll surprise you with a kiss. It could be one simple one that allows you to get back to your conversation easily, or it could lead to a make-out session. Either way, it’s a little surprise that can keep things interesting. As long as he’s not pulling the move to shut you up, it is romantic. [Read: cute things to say to your girlfriend]

4. Comfort During Crying

 Types Of Kisses - Comfort During Crying

Do you remember Jack and Kate’s first kiss? The one where Kate is near tears and needs comfort, so she turns to him? Sometimes talking out your problems doesn’t help the situation. At times, you need to feel like you’re being protected. Getting kissed while tears are running down your face can make life seem a little brighter. [Read: how to make a girl smile and like you]

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