8 types of kisses girls like and crave for guys must know

5. Dirty One

 Types Of Kisses - Dirty One

Go a little dirty and lick the chocolate off her lips. Or let the wine pur down her lips and lick it with your tongue and the kiss her hard. This is one of the best kisses which women crave for. [Read: how to seduce a woman effortlessly]

6. Unnoticed

 Types Of Kisses - Unnoticed

It’s impossible to know whether you’ve received one of these or not, but that doesn’t alter their cuteness. When you’re asleep and a guy plants a kiss on your head or in your hair, it shows he cares. He didn’t have to perform the gesture, but he did so because he wanted to. He knows that you’re not aware of it, so he’s not doing it to score points with you. He’s genuinely being sweet. [See: body language signs of attraction]

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