8 types of kisses girls like and crave for guys must know

7. Fight

 Types Of Kisses - Fight

This might be one of great types of kisses and is something out of the movies. Two people are fighting like cats and dogs and then suddenly they immerse in a passionate lip lock ending in a wild lovemaking. Your woman will go crazy over you if you do this in the middle of a fight. [Must read: a detailed dating guide for men – Crack the girl code review]

8. Soundtrack

 Types Of Kisses - Soundtrack

Whether you’re kissing in the car with the radio on or at a concert, this could make you feel like you’re in a movie. The soundtrack playing in the background will feel like it’s just for you. If the song relates to your relationship, then it will feel even more special. Plus, you can make it you and your boyfriend’s official song. Every time you hear it, you’ll be reminded of the nice night that you had.

Here are top 8 types of kisses girls like and dream of. Give your girlfriend the type of kiss she loves and she will want to kiss you more.

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