12 common types of love traps and how to avoid them

Have you ever heard about love trap? Maybe, you have not ever heard about it but if you continually end up in love in which there are some common negative patterns, then you could be in a love trap. So what a love trap is? What are the most common types of love traps? Actually, love traps are those relationships which seem like a good one but after all, they often harm your status, both in terms of physical and mental aspects.
When it comes to love traps, they often exist under the form of a mysterious but exciting stranger, a great first date, etc. there are many people are victims of love traps but they do not acknowledge until it is too late. The following list mentions to 12 common types of love traps and how you can avoid them. Take a look from WikiYeah.com!

Types of love traps

I. 12 Common Types Of Love Traps

1.The Amazing First Date

Among common types of love traps, this may be very common but tricky. It lulls people involved into thinking that that love will be great as their date. However, the majority of people are victims of this love trap as there was too much fun on the date making them forget to consider if they really like their date or not.

2. The Meant–To-Be Love

This love trap happens when two people or just one in a relationship expect that they will end up getting married. However, loving someone does not mean that you should get married him/her. This trap often happens when two partners have some similar features such as creativity, intelligence or physical attractive, and so on. From outside, they may seem to be born for each other; nonetheless, in fact, relationships could not rely on just similarities.


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3. The Fear-Being-Alone Love Trap

Sometimes, people are in a relationship as they fear being alone. And sometimes, people stay in love because they fear breaking up. They think being with their partner is “better than nothing”. This is one of the most common types of love traps people are getting into.

4. The Inertia Love

This love trap takes time to realize. Perhaps, you have been in a relationship for many years up to now, but you do not feel in-love anymore. So, will you get out of the relationship or still stay in it just because you have spent too much time on it? This is also a love trap which is called inertia love trap.

5. The Good-Provider Love Trap

Another common love trap is the good-provider. If you stay in love with your partner because he/she is a good provider, then you are in such love trap. Whilst this is a good economic factor to consider before getting married, both partners in the relationship should become providers. It must not be the single factor making you live with each other.

6. The Gratitude Love Trap

Love traps exist in different forms and one of them are gratitude love trap. A significant number of people use love as a kind of payment especially when they have nothing to give. But, in reality, this is not the kind of relationship that they want.

7. The Attraction Love

Many people are confused about Love and Attraction. They often fall in love with attractive girls or guys. If their partner is beautiful, their love will be greater. However, love has many other factors, not just attraction. Thus, be wise on the one you choose. Look for the one with beautiful insides, not just outsides.

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8. The Unrequited Love Trap

This may be the biggest love trap among many others. You may think you truly love your partner and you devote all of yourself to them. However, their response is not as similar to yours. Unrequited love is not a corresponded love. You love them so much but they do not love you back as you expect. It hurts. If you are in an unrequited love, then move on. Life will find a certain way to help you find your half, and be loved and respected by that person.

9. The Hard-To-Find Love Trap

Some people like someone that they never think twice about just because they see that person with someone else. It is called perceived scarcity love trap. You think that person is in demand and it is very hard to find another one like them, so you start the relationship with them as there might be very few of them left. But, when you get them, you realize that they are not as great as you think.

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10. The Now Or Never Love Trap

When the golden chance comes, it is almost 100% you want to take it. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the differences between trying new experiences with someone and committing to them before you acknowledge what you will get into. When you think that you will never be in a relationship like the one you are in again, you will try to hold on to it, despite it is not the one you really wish for.

11. The Replacement Love Trap

You could be a victim of this love trap if you want to start a relationship when you are not really ready. Though there are some successful relationships which are rebound at the first place, but such relationships often fail due to unresolved problems.

12. The Good Physical Intimacy Love Trap

In reality, this is a not-so-good love trap. Focusing on the chemistry under the covers by interpreting “good physical intimacy” as love, or using it as a kind of “compatibility test”, or getting emotionally dependent are some features of this type of love traps. Remember that it is difficult to find a person you could be compatible with both sexually and emotionally, but what people do not understand is that it is not necessarily a terrible thing. Good physical intimacy could be built overtime but emotional compatibility is hard to build.

II. How To Avoid Love Traps – 6 Useful Tips

After reading 12 out of the most common types of love traps above, do you realize that you are falling in any kind of love traps? If no, then you are very lucky. If yes, read on the following tips on how to avoid love traps.

1. Know What You Want In A Life Partner

There are many criteria of a life partner, but for you only, you should list down at least 20 points of what you want in a life partner. They should be concise, reasonable, and non-negotiable. And be firm with them, otherwise, you will end up choosing someone that will make you unhappy.

2. Do Not Date Anyone Who Does Not Have At Least 75% Of Your Expectations

In case you are dating a person who does not meet at least 75% of your expectations, then reconsider that love. When you date someone like that, you will just end up disappointed with them.

3. Let The Love Be Natural

Love needs time to develop, so you should take time to get to know your date. This is a useful tip on how to avoid love traps. It will also help you realize if you really want to be with them for your rest life.

4. Listen To Your Heart And Mind

According to some studies, it is said that the initial instinct is the right evaluation after all. Thus, maybe, following your initial instinct is your best bet. Follow your initial instinct and if you end up failing, you could still always find a new love, but if you ignore those warning signs, you will fall into love trap. It is hard to get out of love traps when falling into than in the first place.

5. Understand Your Motives For The Relationship

No matter what reasons you have for starting or staying in the relationship are, you should be firmed that you are doing it for the right reasons. Avoid staying in a relationship for gratitude, for money or a sense of duty.

6. Do Not Settle For Anything Less Than You Deserve

Everybody deserves to be loved and respected. If you cannot get either of them in your relationship, then let it go. People can grow and evolve, but if the relationship you are in does not grow, it is time to stop it.