12 types of men who are worth your time

Let’s face it: there are many guys out there who are totally not worth your time. You have probably met some of them or left many of them behind. It is not to say that this man is bad person; but he was only bad for you. Despite of some guys acting like jerks, there are still some men who have always restored women’s faith in men. Here from Wikiyeah.com, we list types of men who are worth your time that you may not acknowledge.

Types Of Men Who Are Worth Your Time – 12 Common Kinds

Types of men who are worth your time

1. The Man Who Always Walks You Home

No matter how late or how far it is, such man takes it as his job to get you safely home. This man will make sure that you feel really protected and are truly protected. Such men are the kind who is willing to stand behind you in the crowd, making sure that you are well protected from all sides and nobody dare to make you feel being threatened.

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2. The Man Who Introduces You To His Family

In romantic relationships, meeting the family is rather frightening business. Maybe, you feel a little bit grateful that he has not mentioned about it yet; however, in most cases, you are just fooling yourself. A man who sees you as a potential lifetime partner will introduce you to his family. If you have been together for a certain amount of time, then you will barely know how many members his family has, then he may not be serious about you.

3. The Man Who Listens To All Your Rants

A simple truth about men and women is that women talk too much while men could not listen to them long enough. That is the reason why women always find themselves asking them whether or not men remember what they told them, which men usually do not. Not listening is a big sign that he is not the right guy for you as you think. Hopefully, you will notice it rapidly and your interest in him will fade. A man who remembers what you say is one of the types of men who are worth your time.

4. The Man Who Shares His Own Past With You

You should not expect this to happen instantly and keep in mind that sometimes he may fail to share as his past could be rather painful. Hence, do not hold it against him if he holds back, yet take it as an achievement or a compliment if he shares his past with you. Even sometimes what he shares about his past is not relevant to take part it, it still shows that he has nothing to hide from you.
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