10 ultimate relationship killers every couple must know

If you ask the average person what breaks relationships apart, she or he may say lying, cheating, or money. And that is totally true. There are some things that are relationship killers. These are things you might want to avoid at all cost, but fact is, it is not easy for couples to avoid these triggers of a breakup because these things exist in daily life. Of course, some of these relationship killers are worse than others, yet all of them are the things that could bring the death to your happy relationship. Thus, the list below made by Wikiyeah.com will reveal to you top ultimate relationship killers and if you have any of these triggers, then it is the time for you to start working and changing your own habits so your relationship will not end due to them. This list also refers the information introduced in WebMD.

10 Ultimate Relationship Killers – You Should Avoid At All Costs

Ultimate Relationship Killers

1. Name Calling

Well, the first one in the list of ultimate relationship killers might amaze you. Yet, in fact, it does affect your relationship. To stress, one of the biggest relationship killers is name calling. Name calling can cut to the heart of your current relationship. It is so difficult to give the specific reason how the one who loves you could call you names. This is usually done in anger yet it is a habit which should be broken. If you want to get a healthier relationship, then you need to change your habit of name calling, right from now!

2. Cheating

Well, cheating is always one of the most threatening killers of a relationship. Whilst some couples manage to work through this problem, there are few and far between. Normally, cheating results in the end of many relationships when it happens in them. Once you are tempted to cheat your lover, then ask yourself that why you want to do that. In case your feel he or she does not meet your demands, that might be a large topic to talk about rather than going elsewhere to get your demands met. [Read: why do men cheat and lie]

3. Hidden Insults

Hidden insults are really a big relationship killer and hurt. We all know that hidden insults are the kinds of things which are said with sarcasm or are hidden in an insincere compliment. Such an insincere compliment means as if you are giving a sincere compliment, but actually you are just insulting him or her. These insults could feel so cutting when they are said to you. So does it to other people.

4. Lying

In order to have a healthy relationship, you should be honest with your partner. Lies always kill a relationship, soon or late. Thus, you should choose to be honest with other people even if it is painful. Discuss the topic that you are considering and come to the agreement that honesty always exists in the relationship between you. Then, appreciate this good quality in your lover. [Read: why do men blow hot and cold]

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