9 unspoken relationship rules couples need to follow

When looking for those unspoken rules in a relationship, people will encounter phrases describing what are happening in a relationship. The real unspoken rules in a relationship could help a couple survive a fierce argument that stems from just a tiny transgression.

They honeymoon stage of most relationships might blind most couples into thinking that their partners are perfect in any light. In those cases, mistakes skipped and flaws cease to exist. At this point, couples begin fighting for no apparent reason. The fact is, the real reason might be because of at least one of you, yet neither is going to admit it. After all, this is often due to a matter of pride. Why don’t you know when you are doing something wrong? The best way to keep everyone happy is to keep your lines of communication open. Not just your phones and emails, it is about some rules, unspoken rules. Several rules in a relationship require even the least bit of common sense. Yet, in fact, they play an important role in keeping a relationship happy. Check out top 9 unspoken relationship rules here from Wikiyeah.com!

Unspoken Relationship Rules – Keep Rules For A Happy Relationship

Unspoken Relationship Rules

1. Remember To Say Good Morning And Good Night

This is one of the easiest unspoken relationship rules you can apply. If you constantly fail to do this, there really is a problem between both of you. You could greet your lover in an email, a text, or if you would like to get some bonus points, just call him or her. Your own busy schedule should not hinder yourself from showing your love to your loved one.

2. Update Them About Your Whereabouts No Less Than Once Per Day

When it comes to relationship rules, it is not necessary for you to glue yourself to the phone for updating your Twitter or Facebook feed every hour. Just spend several minutes in your lunch break on texting your partner about how your own day is going. In case your schedule is not suitable and even does not allow for any interruptions, just simply call your partner before sleeping and update them then.

3. An Anniversary Should Be Paid Attention

Yes, whether it is just 1-month anniversary or 1-year one, you should still prepare for that event. In fact, forgetting the anniversary of the two of you is bad similarly forgetting a birthday. You are obligated to supply a present or just some romantic gestures within your own means and make the day as special as you could. Everybody could spend just one hour or two in their day on celebrating even just momentous occasion. [Read: how to make your boyfriend happy]

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