9 unspoken relationship rules couples need to follow

4. Limit Your Compliments For A Certain Person In As Few Words As You Could

In a relationship, jealousy is considered one of the constant reasons of fights among couples. And, the worst part is that the one who is accused will never know that this is the reason. People tend to hardly admit that they are jealousy of someone else. This is like admitting that you think that “someone else” is better than you. That is why, when you are being with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you had better retrain from reciting odes of admiration about any another person. Just keep your words succinct and short, like “He looks healthy”, or “She looks happy”, or “I should work out more like she does”. Also, you should make use of vague terms which have no hint of endearment whatsoever? [Read: how to make a guy jealous]

5. Be Consistent In Your Format Of Communication

One of the complaints from most people in relationships is that they just do not talk like they used to. Fact is, a lot of couples think that this occurs because of the two of you has changed or lost interest in the relationship. Yet, the truth is that your relationship has just reached a point where the same patterns became monotonous. Actually, you become lazy. Thus, the key to deal with this problem is to be consistent in communicating with your partner. The frequency might not need to remain the same, yet the intensity of the messages do. However, it does not mean that you have to text every hour like you used to do, yet you need to text as the manner you always did. Did you text with smiley emoticon or with an “ily” at the end? Regardless of the format, just keep using it. [Read: how to manage anger in a relationship]

6. Put A Little Thought In Presents

The next one in this list of unspoken relationship rules is putting your thought in gifts. No matter how expensive that gift is, it might be obvious if no amount of thought was put into it. In reality, nonsensical presents pave the way for a grumpy night at home with your partner.

If you purchased for you girlfriend a short, knowing that she never plans on wearing one, you inadvertently made her cry in the bathroom for one minute.

The little disappointment that failed present-giving produces could be damaging for the self-esteem of someone. That might expose you do not pay attention to their needs and wants or you did not respect or put significance in the event.

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