10 useless body parts in the human body you may not know

We all have body parts which are definitely essential like the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, and so on. However, on the other hand, we also have some body parts which are rather much useless. Thus, this article made by Wikiyeah.com will show you 10 useless body parts in the human body that serve extremely little or no purpose. Check out below!

10 Useless Body Parts In The Human Body – What You Do And Do Not Need

Useless body parts

1. Wisdom Teeth

When it comes to useless body parts in the human body, maybe, wisdom teeth should be counted on top. Wisdom teeth used to be very useful back in times when the food did not come packed in a tin can or specifically prepared to be soft, yet nowadays, they are about beneficial as a third leg. In fact, these teeth might never develop to the size of many other normal teeth and they turn bad so fast. Thus, there is not any point it keeping them. Moreover, if they begin growing in such wrong directions, then you might need to cut them out as they are so painful. [Read: home remedies for wisdom tooth pain]

2. Tonsils

There are more useless body parts in the human body which could source people various pain. You could open the mouth and you will notice the tonsils on both sides of your throat. Unlike wisdom teeth that are entirely useless, tonsils in reality do have a certain function, though it is not so crucial, particularly if we consider all of the problems people usually have when their tonsils get infected. Some people claim that tonsils are supposed to act as a good barrier for those harmful allergens as well as microorganisms threatening to invade the body via the mouth. Yet, unfortunately, some have super sensitive tonsils so they have to eliminate them, thereby presuming lots of pain. Even, some individuals were born with up to 3 tonsils so you could imagine how “helpful” they must be! [Read: natural ways to whiten teeth at home]

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