14 beauty and health uses of garlic for men & women

Garlic is a herb which is widely used as a flavoring in cooking, has also been used a medicine through both ancient and modern history to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases and conditions.

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14 Uses Of Garlic – Garlic For Health And Beauty

Uses of garlic

1. Acne

The first one in the list of uses of garlic is acne treating. Slice open a clove of fresh, raw garlic before applying it to your breakouts. That way, you skin might not smell terribly good, yet the antibacterial properties available in garlic can help alleviate the appearance of acne, even those deep acne cysts which could be hard to deal with. [Read: benefits of mango]

2. Cold sore cure

When it comes to uses of garlic, cold sore relief might get the top positions in the list. Raw garlic can help people with cold sore as well as those commercial medical methods, though the acidity might lead to discomfort initially. You just need to cut a clove of fresh garlic in half and then place it right directly on your cold sores for about 10 minutes. Apply this method a few times per day. in other words, garlic supplements in capsule form might also accelerate the treating process. [Read: best foods to eat before bed]

3. Mosquito Repellent

If you really do not mind about the smell, ten garlic could work wonders in warding off pesky mosquitoes without having to use potential toxic chemicals. You can try this oddball garlic mosquito spray by letting several minced cloves of garlic infuse one ounce of mineral oil for about 24 hours, then strain it up before mixing the garlic-scented oil with about 2 cups of water plus with 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice. If necessary, you can strain it again and pour the mixture into the spray bottle. [Read: health benefits of beer]

4. Glass Repair

It is said that garlic juice has the power of a natural adhesive. Garlic could be used to fill in hairline cracks in those glass items and hold them together. Just simply crush one clove of garlic and start rubbing its viscous and sticky juice into the cracks. Then, slightly wipe away any excess juice. [Read: benefits of chocolate]

5. Aid Weight loss

Even its potent flavor might make you want to consume a lot of it; actually garlic has weight loss properties. The compounds included in this plant send the human brain the signals of satiety, helping people feel full faster. Also, it can enhance the metabolic function, thereby assisting you in burning more calories at the same time. [Read: easy ways to burn fat and lose weight faster]

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