15 awesome uses of honey for health, skin, and hair

The healing powers of honey have been around for centuries, but you might be surprised how many health uses of honey you can get from this kitchen staple. Frankly speaking, honey is one of the best foods in nature. You can pour honey to tea, smoothies, spread on toast with peanut butter. Besides many common uses of honey, there are a number of other miraculous ones of honey. Check out from Wikiyeah.com!

Uses Of Honey For Health, Beauty And More – 15 Awesome Tricks

Uses of honey

1. An Ideal Moisturizer

One of the overriding uses of honey is to keep damp for your skin. To put it differently, honey is a perfect natural moisturizer for your skin. Put a bit of honey into the pan and heated until it becomes liquid and add some herbs like lavender at the ratio one teaspoon of herb with 8 honey ounces (1 ounce = 28,3495g).  Seal this mixture into the jars in a week. And then combine 1 teaspoon of the mixture of herbal-honey with 8 odorless skin cream ounces. So you’ve got an ideal moisturizer for skin. Is it simple, isn’t it?ead: benefits of honey water] [R

2. Hair Conditioner

When it comes to uses of honey for hair, it is also used as a hair conditioner. Add one teaspoon of honey in your shampoo. Or mix honey with olive oil and apply to your hair after washing your head. Afterwards, incubate for 20 minutes and finally rinse thoroughly with cold water. [Read: how to make homemade hair dye]

3. Skincare Mask

Honey is used not only to moisturize ideally but also to wash very well. Mix honey with almonds and lemon juice. Applying this mixture on your face will give you healthy skin. [Read: homemade facial scrub recipes]

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