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Do you love a nice cold glass of lemonade in this summer? Yes. Most of us love so. However, your skin, hair, and health also will appreciate these uses of lemon even more! This article made by Wikiyeah.com will shock you with top 15 uses of lemons for skin, hair and health. Discover how beneficial lemons are!

15 Uses Of Lemon – Improve Skin, Hair, And Health With Lemon

1. Hair Lightener

When it comes to uses of lemon for hair, in essence, lemon is considered as one of the best natural ingredients for beauty. It can be used as a hair lightener. You do not have to put chemicals in the hair. Before taking a trip to your favorite beach or lounging outside in the backyard to gain some rays, you can pour a little bit of some lemon juice in the hair. That way, you will have sun kissed highlights soon! [Read: how to straighten hair at home without heat]

2. Nail Strengthener

The next on in this list of uses of lemon is a natural nail strengthener. Using gel manicures might damage your own nails in the long term by making them weak day by day. However, you always have a powerful solution for this problem. Mix cooking oil with lemon juice to create a good mixture. Then soak the nails into it. You can soak the nails in the lemon concoction to fix yellowing of your nails. [Read: how to increase hair growth and thickness ]

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