15 amazing uses of lemon for skin, hair and health – WikiYeah

7. Teeth Whitener

Talk about uses of lemon for health, we could not skip the benefit of lightening teeth. You should ready to make another concoction. Just simply take a small amount of baking soda and pour out a little bit of lemon juice before make these ingredients together. Then, take a Q-tip and use the mixture onto the teeth. Wait for about 2 minutes before using your toothbrush to scrub the teeth. [Read: natural ways to whiten teeth at home]

8. Soften Dry, Scaly Elbows And Knees

Itchy elbows are bad enough, yet they often look terrible too. In order to get better looking of your elbows, you can mix baking soda with a little bit of lemon juice to create a good paste (abrasive), then rub the paste onto the elbows to get smoothing, soothing, and exfoliating treatment. [Read: healthy foods for skin]

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