15 amazing uses of lemon for skin, hair and health – WikiYeah

11. Blackhead And Acne Treatment

Could lemons help you in eliminating acne? Yes. Because lemons are antibacterial, so they could be used to remove your pesky blackheads. It is not necessary for you to mix the lemon juice with any other ingredient for this remedy. Just simply use freshly squeezed lemon juice; apply it onto the face and allow it to heal your own skin. [Read: how to get rid of acne fast]

12. Refresh Cutting Boards

Another uses of lemon for household benefits is removing the smell of cutting boards. After all, you use the cutting board for chopping onions, crushing garlic, and preparing fish. It must be smelly. So, to sanitize the cutting board, you rub a half of lemon over the cut side then wash it in undiluted juice straight from a bottle.

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