21 Uses of vaseline on face, hair, hands & nails for beauty

Vaseline is a brand name which has become the generic name for Petroleum Jelly. If you have got Vaseline and it stays in your own makeup box for ages without use, right now you change this situation. Check out top uses of Vaseline on face, hair, hands and nails for beauty from Wikiyeah.com to start making use of this famous product!

21 Uses Of Vaseline – Beautiful Things You Could Do With Vaseline

Uses of Vaseline

1. Long-Lasting Perfume

This is one of the most interesting uses of Vaseline, in my opinion. Take a little bit of Vaseline and apply it onto your skin before applying your own perfume. This will assist the scent last longer in comparison to applying perfume without Vaseline.

2. Control The Eyebrows

When it comes to uses of Vaseline on hair, this tip is so helpful. Just simply put a little bit of Vaseline on the fingertips and start running it along the eyebrows to control the hair. It will tame your eyebrows immediately. [See: natural remedies for eyebrow growth]

3. Chapped Lips

Vaseline is considered as one of the best moisturizes and acts as a good lip balm. Thus, you can make use of Vaseline to care for your chapped lips. Do this before hitting the hay and it will make a big difference. I bet that!

4. Full, Long Lashes

If you are looking for natural tips on how to get longer eyelashes without mascara, then Vaseline is your exact answer. Take a mascara brush, wash it clean before covering it into Vaseline. You should warrant that there is no make-up left on the brush before applying it to your eyelashes. DO the daily for 1 week or more and you will see the difference in your eyelashes before and after using Vaseline.

5. Emergency Make-Up

You can take your old lipstick shade and mix it with Vaseline in a container. You could add more lipstick depending on your want of the color. Apply it to your lips when going out. It is great!

6. Soft Feet

Before going to bed, you apply some Vaseline onto your feet before putting your socks on. In the next morning, you will get smoother feet.

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