21 Uses of vaseline on face, hair, hands & nails for beauty

12. Stuck Ring

You can rub Vaseline on your finger that the ring is stuck, helping ease that ring off your finger.

13. Split Ends

This might be noticeable basing on how long it has been since a trim. In order to hide them, you can take a little amount of Vaseline, than apply it to the end of your hair. [See: how to increase hair growth]

14. Eyelash Glue

It is rather hard to get off eyelash glue, particularly after being set for all day long. Just take a little bit of Vaseline, then rub it along the lash line to get easy removal.

15. Dry Cuticles

The next one in this list of uses of Vaseline for beauty is to revive damage or dry cuticles.

16. Hair Dye Stains

If you are a woman, dying your hair might be your often routine. The color might look great yet what you do not want is the dye dying the forehead as well as around the hairline. Just make use of Vaseline before dying to help you hair look great and your skin be free from dye.

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