21 Uses of vaseline on face, hair, hands & nails for beauty

17. Protect And Fix Skin

Apply a little bit of Vaseline to your skin area which is the frostbite from a chilly walk outside. It will soothe as well as relieve pain. [See: The comprehensive guide for whitening skin at home – Skin whitening forever ebook]

18. Spray Tan Streaks

Though spray tanning might look really great upon done right, it is difficult for you to avoid the streaks. You can rub Vaseline on those spots which you find most prone to streaks.

19. Insert Earrings

This is one of little-known uses of Vaseline. For those who find it rather painful when changing their earrings, especially for the initial times, Vaseline could make earring insertion pain-free and easy. This can go for most piercings, not only ears.

20. Gum Stuck In Hair

In case your hair has trouble getting rid of gum, then opt for Vaseline to release the problem. Do this right after the gum has just gotten stuck, be patient while doing it.

21. Highlighter

You can apply a little bit of Vaseline on your cheeks or under the eyes in order to create such a dewy look.

These top 21 uses of Vaseline above are both usual and unusual that you could make use of at home right now. This cheap product is a must have for many girl, and so do you. Leave your words below this post to let us know your thoughts.

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