15 vagina facts all women need to know

#6 – A Vagina Generally Will Not Be Different After Giving Babies

There is no proven different in average recorded vaginal size between who have given birth and who have not, according to a research in 1996.

#7 – The G-Spot Might Not Be Actually Exist

A new research shows that the idea that there is a specific button or spot leading to orgasms is not true. Fact is, the clitoris, urethra, and front side of vaginal wall work together as a “clitourethrovaginal complex”. Once these three areas are stimulated right, it could lead to what people refer to as a “Vaginal orgasm”, also called as G-spot orgasm. [Read: how to keep your vagina clean and healthy]

#8 – Feeling An Urge To Pee During Intercourse Is Normal

This is the basic vagina facts women should know. Many women said that they feel an urge to pee during their intercourse, even though they just went before. Keep calm, this is totally normal. In regard to clitourethrovaginal comple, it could mean that sometimes the partner may be stimulating the urethra during intercourse, potentially making the female partner feel like she have to pee.

On the other hand, there is also a so-called nerve cross-talk, where is there is so much going on in the down-there area, making the nerves confused what exactly it is they are going through. Thus, it causes the woman to feel like she has to pee, yet she is actually becoming aroused.

#9 – About 50% Of American Women Use Vibrators

This might be a surprising one among many vagina facts you will discover today. It is shown that there are about 3,800 women from 18-60 in the US, and 50% of them said that they had used a vibrator for the purpose of masturbation. And, more than 1/3 of them said that they had used that device during their intercourse, and 41% of them had used it during their foreplay or real intercourse with their partner.

#10 – It Can Reap Benefits From Exercise

Similar to working your biceps to firm up your arms, working your vaginal muscles can tone up your vadge. Besides offering you a tighter grip during intercourse, it can also make it easier for you to climax. To exercise your V, you just need to clamp down as if you try to stop the urine flow, keep holding for 10 seconds before releasing. Practice about 2 sets of 10-20 times per day. That way, you will notice the significant difference in just one month or so.

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