15 vagina facts all women need to know

#11 – It Has A Self-Cleaning Mechanism

In reality, it is no need to wash or douche the inside of your vagina. The vagina itself has a cleansing mechanism with discharge. The secretions will help flush out the dead cells from vaginal wall, excess water as well as bacteria. Actually, the only thing necessary to wash (use unscented, mild soap) is the outside between the labial folds and along perineum.

#12 – Lesbians Have More Orgasms

Regarding to vagina facts, this sounds too surprising. Yet, lesbians recently report having more orgasm than both straight and bisexual women. [Read: bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy]

#13 – Condoms Does Not Make Intercourse Less Pleasurable

Those straight women also reported that they have the similar orgasms when their partner makes use of a condom as when he does not use.

#14 – Your Diet Might Impact How Things Smell Down There

Whilst there is not so much research on this topic, experts suggest that a woman’s scent could vary during ovulation and even when she eats something smelly like garlic.

#15The Clitoris Has More Nerve Endings Than Other Body Parts

One of the most interesting vagina facts is that the clitoris is shown to have more nerve endings than any body part. However, it is not surprising because it is reckoned the control center of orgasms.

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