7 must-try ways to fix a broken relationship effectively

Often times, when you feel that your relationship is on the stiffs, the first thing rising on your mind is how to stop it from being ruined and how to make your partner stay. However, if there is something seriously wrong, then persuading your partner not to leave and persuading yourself that you two have to stay together without resolving the problems in the relationship is much like putting a bandage over a gunshot wound. In the short term, it may look better, but in the long term, it is not good enough, even the wrong thing to do. You could not keep building on ruined foundations and the same rule applies to any relationship, particularly romantic ones. Communication, mutual understanding, trust, hard work as well as commitment are necessary in all relationships.

A broken relationship is like a painful, deep wound which is a consequence of constant blows to your heart and soul, both unintentionally and intentionally. It is a difficult decision, yet you should not ever give up if you have not tried to fix it from every manner possible as you do not want that feeling of guilt to linger on you after the break up.

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How To Fix A Broken Relationship – 7 Practical Ways

ways to fix a broken relationship

1. Stay Calm

Yes, one of the most important things when handling a broken relationship is to learn to remain calm during a conflicted event. A heavy dosage of conflict in a broken relationship is very common. Hence, if you could stay calm, it will increase the chance of your partner lowering their own defense.

Remember that shouting at your partner just brings more fire into the communication. Words are really powerful to convey a message yet your body language can also change their behaviorism.
By remaining calm during the violent interaction, you could reduce the fury of your partner and calm down the situation. This helps prevent hurtful words in the conversation and avoid the risk of damaging the relationship more.

On the other hand, a calm behavior also breaks the negative energy that your partner throws at you. Despite it is hard to remain calm during the violent rage, building strength to resist the temptation is always a good option when it comes to ways to fix a broken relationship you should choose. Once you can remain calm, it will get you past the rage and an opportunity to efficiently and rationally define the problems troubling your relationship.

In case that you find hard to remain calm during the rage of your partner, you should become aware of your own feelings and emotions. If you do not monitor the way your emotions react, they will go out of your control.

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2. Remind Yourself Of Whom You First Fell In Love With

The next suggestion in regard to ways to fix a broken relationship is to remind yourself of the one you first loved. Two of you were not always like this. Hence, by reminding yourself of how your partner was and the way you two fell in love with each other, you will have more reasons to fix the relationship and save it. Over time, small things seem condition you to adapt with and change. Bear in mind, these changes are a result of both external and internal factors in your relationship. Believe that there is still the same amount of good things and love in your partner like when you first met him / her.

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3. Learn To Forgive

Among ways to fix a relationship, learning to forgive is basic. Stop fighting, instead start forgiving. You have been fighting for a long period of time and nothing positive or good has been produced, ever. The relationship just gets worse. Those bad words, raised voices, hurtful statements will just make things worse. It is time for you to stop all of that. Forgive your partner for things they hurt you. Despite this is so hard in some cases, but because you are trying to fix your broken relationship, you should give it a try.

4. Communicate

As mentioned in the early part of this post of ways to fix a broken relationship, communication is a basic part of every relationship. Most people in relationships do not realize that many problems could be handled through the right type of communication. The right type of communication is when you keep all your problems afar from the current situation and address the root of the problem in plain words.

When you get the chance to bring your partner into a “calm” and “cool” state, effective communication is an essential thing to do. This becomes tricky as many of us are not good at this. Humans tend to lack of effective communicating skills during an argument due to the conflicting nature by itself.

In fact, those couples who are struggling with effective communication seem to never reach a clear, final conclusion as they never get the opportunity to pass their own thoughts over to their loved ones. So, the method to get over this barrier is to not give your loved one the assumption that you do not care about what they say by overriding their statements with your opinions.

Another important action that needs to be carried out is to show your support. Whether you agree or not, you should still have courtesy and patience to listen to your partner, even when they are wrong, try to hear them out before clearing things. The majority of fights stem from simple misunderstandings that develop into worse, bigger things.

Normally, good conversations begin with giving non-defensive, clear words whilst showing off an equal balanced of non-defensive listening. Proper communication during conflicts in a relationship is to know what to say, when to say and when to listen. You have to a good sense of facial expression, body language and eye contact to show you are doing everything to make thing better.
Focus on the problems in your relationship and limit your criticisms or complaints. If possible, you should say your criticisms later or learn how to give criticism the right way.

5. Confess What Does Not Work For You

Be ready to be uncomfortably, even rather painfully honest. Do not lead shame, criticism, blame or judgment. Make it about you, avoid “you” language. If you are about to point out ways in which your partner makes you unhappy, then try to deliver your message subtly with great compassion.

6. Lead With Gratitude

Let your partner know how much you care for them. This could be challenging when your relationship has broken down, as it tends to be easy to concentrate on built up un-met expectations, resentment, disappointments, anger, frustrations, or emotions of betrayal. Note down the reasons you cherish your relationship, even when it feels vulnerable to do so. When you lead from gratitude, it will help soften the rage and remind you two why you are being in a relationship.

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7. Commit Yourself Again

This may be one of the most effective ways to fix a broken relationship. Reassure your loved one that you still love them. Actually, no one could tell your loved one how much you love them. Not your friends or your friends. The only one who can reassure this to your partner is exactly YOU. Hence, just simply tell them that you are ready to let go of the things that they hurt you and gently ask for forgiveness for what you did to them. When you really love someone, there is no ego. You should not ever think that asking for forgiveness make you less important. That just allows your partner to let go of the things that they have been kept holding on to.