6 ways to gain more power and respect in your relationship

It is rarely that both partners in a relationship share the same amounts of power and respect. Even then, the balance might shift to either side now and again. What troubles people is when their partners enjoy more respect and power in the relationship, because of a variety of reasons. Relationships should be equal partnerships. Here are several ways to gain more power and respect in your relationship you definitely should not skip. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com!

Ways To Gain More Power & Respect In Your Relationship – 6 Most Effective Tips

Ways to gain more power and respect

1. Speak Up Your Demands

You should not shy away from being upfront about your wants and needs. If something does not seem right, you had better talk about that as well. It is not a good idea to expect them to read your own mind and automatically figure out things on your own. In case there is something you want and need from them or the relationship, then just tell them.

2. Be Self-Sufficient

You were not always in a relationship. You used to manage to do everything on your own. This should not change just because you are with someone. In a relationship, independence is an appreciable quality. You should learn how to be independent in your relationship. Do not depend on your partner for every small thing. There are always going to be things that both of you need to do together, yet apart from such exceptions, you need to take care of yourself. They would respect you from your self-independence you prove.

3. Have Your Boundaries

You do not have to do anything that you are not comfortable with. In reality, every person has their own boundaries that need to be properly respected no matter what. It is totally up to you to enforce them. There are some things you should and shouldn’t compromise on in your relationship. You should be firm about them. Do not waver and let your partner cross any boundaries.

4. Give To Take

When it comes to ways to gain more power and respect in your relationship, this may be only fool-proof way to gain respect. Respect them as a partner and an individual and you would have the favor returned. You could not require respect from someone if you do not give them the respect they deserve to get first. It is something you need to earn. Try to treat them the way you would want to be treated.

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5. Match Your Behaviors With Your Words

In regard to ways to gain more power and respect in your relationship, this is a basic way. Do you know that the easiest way to lose respect is to not live up to your word? If you promise your partner something, then try to deliver it in time. Avoid making promises that you could not keep. They may forgive you once or twice, yet if it repeats over and over again, then you should not expect them to trust you.

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6. Avoid Settling For Anything Less Than You Deserve

Do not ever excuse your partner for treating you wrong. The moment you begin letting things like that slide, you are responsible for losing your power and respect in your partner’s eyes. If you do not respect yourself, who else will? Your partner will not feel the demand to respect you either. Such relationship will fail sooner or later. How do you talk and view about yourself? Do you give yourself any power? Take time to truly think about how you respect yourself. Keep in mind that confidence is contagious.

Now after learning these 6 ways to gain more power and respect in your relationship: it is your turn: what kind of respect and power dynamic does your current relationship have? Share your thoughts with us by dropping words below the post.