14 ways to look sexy but elegant at the same time

If you are looking for ways to look sexy but elegant, then here is the exact place for you. It is totally possible for you to get both of these desires. The key is to suggest instead of showing. All of us, especially women want to look sexy, but it is not something that everyone could have and brag about. Find out ways to look sexy from inside out without even trying to look sexy from Wikiyeah.com !

14 Ways To Look Sexy – Be Sexy But Elegant

Ways to look sexy

1. A Gorgeous Physique

This is physical and more of a shallow attribute. Yet, it helps a lot when it comes to knowing ways to look sexy but elegant. In fact, a great body can involuntarily attract attention and impress the opposite sex. Thus, hit the gym or pick up one of fab workouts to have a sexy belly. Achieving a well shaped body is considered one of the initial steps in trying to look sexy. It will make you look good and feel sexy from inside. Moreover, clothes will look better on you than it does on other people, thereby you will get a great boost in confidence. This is absolutely one of the first things to do once you want to look sexy. [Read: best leg exercises for women to get sexy legs]

2. Dress Well

The majority of people think they know how to dress well, yet frankly, they actually do not. The advice here is that you should read a few fashion magazines and pick up several pointers on what you would the best on you. Make use of it well.

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