Top 10 most creative and strange ways to quit smoking cigarettes

Are you ready to give up smoking? It is time for you to start your plan of giving up smoking because it is shown that smoking is one of the most harmful things you could do to your own body. However, quitting smoking is hard no matter who you are. Giving up smoking means ignoring both the craving for nicotine and the urge of a habit that may have been in place for many years.

In order to combat these forces, smokers should not only try the common techniques that researchers have claimed, but also attempt those that smokers themselves have tried and succeeded. As long as these suggestions are not harmful, there is no reason for you not to try them. Try 10 creative and strange ways to quit smoking cigarettes below!

10 Weird Ways To Quit Smoking – Strange Suggestions For Cigarette Quit

Ways to quit smoking
Ways to quit smoking

1. Make A Honest List About The Things You Like About Smoking

In regard to ways to quit smoking, making a list of what you love about smoking sounds strange at first, but it works in fact. Then, ask your friends or family about things they do not like about your use of tobacco and note down. When the negative side outweighs the positive one, you are ready to quit. [Read: how to relieve headaches]

2. Make A List Why Quitting Smoking Is Not Easy

Be honest, even when the list gets discouraging and long. Then, next to the entry, you list one or more options to overcome the challenge. For example, one point could be “nicotine is an addictive drug.” You can list your option which is, “Go for a nicotine replacement alternative.” Or, another reason could be, “Smoking could help deal with stress.” your option could be “Take a walk instead.” Fact is, the more your project the challenges and their solutions, the more chance of success you have.

3. Bury Them

The idea is, you throw all of your cigarettes in the plastic bag and bury them in your backyard. This seems strange, but whenever you have the urge to smoke a cigarette, you have to dig them up and rebury them. You have to do every time you want a smoke. That will discourage your urge of smoking – over time. Is this one in our list of ways to quit smoking enough crazy? [Read: home remedies for bad breath]

4. Hypnosis

When it comes to weird ways to quit smoking, this might not be the weirdest but it works for many cases. Go for hypnotherapy as it can help you open your mind to different suggestions. Your therapist will help change the way you think about cigarette so that the next time you think about it, you are repelled by the mere thought.

5. Make A Bet With Your Friend

Do you want to quit smoking? If yes, you could make your target be vocal. Get someone, be him your trust friend, then promise that you will pay him $1000 if you could not quit smoking. Being competitive, honest and broke, it will work. [Read: good daily habits to make]

6. Swap Smoking For A New Hobby

Procrastinating is the enemy of every smoker. You need something to occupy yourself, be it a new hobby or a new interest. Try playing a new sport or learn or new language. Create a list of all the things you want to do and ticking something off that list could offer you a good sense of achievement.

7. Have A Baking Soda Cocktail

Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda in one 8-ounce glass of water and drink it, twice per day for the 1st week. The next week, you drink once per day. Continue to drink the baking soda concoction. That way, you will no longer have any desire to smoke over time. However, after that, you might have to see your doctor about what to do about the over intake of sodium. [Read: how to stop snoring naturally]

8. Start Small

Among creative ways to quit smoking, starting small is an important and effective one. You should make a deal with yourself so you could give up smoking. You could have one cigarette a week if you stop your pack-a-day habit. This technique has worked for many guys. Try it now!

9. Have Dog Biscuits

Whenever you are going to have a smoke, you think about eating dog biscuits. That sounds crazy, but it worked for one woman.

10. Conditioned Behavior

This is one of the classical behavior conditioning exercises. You wear a rubber band on the wrist and whenever you have an urge to smoke, you pull back and let go. Feel the burn when your own body starts to associate cigarette with conditioned pain.

There, you have discovered 10 out of strangest and weirdest ways to quit smoking cigarettes. Try some of them, who knows, you will be one of those people who succeed with these creative ways.

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