6 ways to stop biting your nails fast – best how to tips

Do you have a habit of biting nail? The bad habit of nail-biting, in fact, is much more common than you may think. It is found that ¼ of children bit their nails habitually and about 45% of adolescence have this habit. More surprisingly, the prevalence amongst matures might be just as high as 50%.
If you are a nail biter, then there is a good chance that your habit began during childhood. One problem with nail biting is that it is reckoned as socially unacceptable; bitten, ragged nails are not attractive, and neither is the act of biting your nails. Even, some people bite their nails badly that their fingers bleed, or their nails become so stunned that there is nearly no nail left. Yet, it s not just about having pretty hands, it is about health. Nail biting could also impact your health.
When biting your nails, you will transfer bacteria back and forth between your fingers and mouth. Even worse, you could permanently damage your gums, nails and teeth.
Thus, if you are looking for ways to stop biting your nails fast, you should read through this article from WikiYeah.com!

Ways to stop biting your nails

1. Fake Your Nails

Yes, this tip might be easy for you to do right instantly. If you are a nail-biter and feel hard to kick the habit, you can consider fake it. That is, consider the fabulousness of fake nail products like wraps, acrylics, press-on nails and gels. Fake nails not only look great, but also do a good job of preventing you from biting your nails. They are safe for nails, assuming you that you do it in a good salon. These will help you minimize the risk of possible infection that fake nails could cause.

2. Build A New Habit

Of course, it is very hard to break a habit and nail biting is not an exception. While we do not advocate substituting nail biting for something that is as dangerous as smoking, there are some good daily habits that can replace a nail biting habit, such as humming, gum chewing, finger tapping, or candy eating.
However, there is still the side effect of adopting a new habit that replaces an old habit. That is even if this change works, you may find yourself stuck with another equally tendency. This often is not a problem for those candy eaters.
If you could not find any suitable distraction or habit that helps stop your previous habit, you should try addressing your problem therapeutically.

3. Identify The Triggers

One of the most necessary ways to stop biting your nails is to address triggers. You may bit out of boredom or when you do not pay attention, or when you are particularly stressed, unhappy, or to vent your anxiety. If you cannot identify these triggers, you should find a relationship between emotional states or events and how much you will bite.
Once you acknowledge what gets you started nibbling your nails, you could head it off more easily.

4. Cultivate Mindfulness

In order to know ways to stop biting your nails, you should be present and acknowledge about what you are doing, or as much of the time as you could, so that you are not unconsciously engaging in nail-biting.
This is hard but learning to be present is really helpful for nail-biters. If your brain pays attention to the presence, you could not accidentally bite your nails anymore.

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5. Create Some Visual Reminders

It is recommended to have a manicure once per week as they not only help you get better look of nails, but also deter you from nibbling them. Start by clipping the nails if necessary, and smooth the edges with the file working in one direction. Then, soak the nails for several minutes in a bowl of warm water with lotion or olive oil added. Dry the hands afterwards and finish by rubbing on more cuticle cream or lotion.
Paint your nails with bright color as a reminder. Another tip is to wear something around the wrist, such as an elastic band, a bracelet in order to remind you of your target. Visual cues will remind you of the change that you would like to make.

6. Distract Yourself

Once you can acknowledge of your habit of nail biting, you can try directing that energy into a different action. Do it by keeping your hands busy that you will not have a chance to unconsciously put them up to your mouth.
Use a stress ball, the ball that you can squeeze in your palm, can help. Or, you can do something that is more productive like drawing, painting, knitting or crocheting.
There, you have discovered top 6 tried-and-true ways to stop biting your nails fast. These tips are not hard for you to implement but it might take a little bit patience and consistency to make them work. Just simply apply them, keep calm and you will finally stop your bad habit.