8 ways to turn a girl on that every guy must know

Have you ever find it quite hard to turn your girl on? Well, I don’t have much experience about this field and I’m not an expert of this aspect. However, with the convenience of Internet, you can find many tips or ways to turn a girl on, I will sum it up and show you some tips that I found interesting. Through some document that I read, I found out that they have one thing in common that is foreplay’s importance, if you want to enjoy better orgasm, you have to stay in foreplay as long as you can. Besides, it also has some other interesting results, let ‘find out from Wikiyeah.com!

8 Ways To Turn A Girl On – Secrets Are Exposed 

Ways to turn a girl on

1. Spend Time For Her Nape

A girl’s neck and ears are nearly the most extremely sensitive parts of her body. Therefore, if you want real ways to turn a girl on, just spend a while before going to main part to play with her neck and ears. You can softly biting her ears or gently kissing her neck to turn her on. Even when she feels ticklish, don’t give up, just try to do it more gently. I bet that it is one of good ways to turn a girl on. [Read: types of kiss girls crave for]

2. Play With Her Hands

No matter where you are with your girl, in bed or at a restaurant. Don’t let your hands free, just play hands and fingers game with her. Many girl found it so lovely and this game make them excited. You can stroke her fingers, kiss her hands or clasp her hands. It’s up to you, sometimes, some small touch or movements can bring you unpredictable effectiveness. [Read: body language signs of attraction for men and women]

3. Hold Your Girl In Your Arms And Whisper Her Ears

I know it sound classic and seem to be not so effective, but girls are always attracted by gentle actions. Hold her tight but not hurt her, let her feels your heart beat, your body temperature and your rapid breath, show her how much you want her. In that time, don’t forget to whisper in her ears some sweet words. Tell her how much you love her, how beautiful she is, give her some compliment on her perfect body or her attractive lips. I’m sure that this is one of good ways to turn her on and make her wet even you don’t make love with her. [Read: things women want in a man]

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