8 ways to turn a girl on that every guy must know

4. Play Some Games Before You Start To Touch Each Other Body

As I said at the beginning part, focus on foreplay then you will receive better orgasm. You can invite her to play some game before having sex, some games that can excited her mind. For example, Truth or Dare, if she lose, she has to take of her shirt or her bra; if you lose you will take off your pant or T-shirt, show up with her your strong body with muscles. It might be one interesting part for a sweet night.

5. Linger Her Body

When she takes off all her clothes and show you her perfect body, don’t be to hurry, keep calm and let your finger discover each part of her body. You can let your finger linger all her body intentionally and focus on some special parts like her boobs, her laps, her shoulders, just feel her smooth skin. I bet that not only she will be turned on but you yourself can be turned on too. [Read: How to make a girl smile and laugh]

6. Take A Shower With Her

Believe me, this is one of the best ways to turn a girl on. Why? Because it’s the chance for you to show that you are very care about her, you want to take care all parts of her body. Let imagine, under the cool water, her body will appear as an angel in the heaven, and you at that time, take some shower cream to stroke along her body, the heat from your hand will excite her mind and liberate her body whenever you touch her. After the bath, don’t forget to smear a lotion to her body, massage and kiss each part of her body where your hands touch.[Read: romantic gestures for her]

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