8 ways to turn a girl on that every guy must know

7. Don’t Be Shy To Do Some Sexy Actions To Her At Public Place

When you are walking with her at a park or among a crowd at the pavement. You can slip your hand into her shirt or down to her laps, it is a signal to show her that you want to make love with her no matter what time it is or no matter where you are. Just be careful, don’t overdo sexy actions and don’t let other people be discomfort of your love.

8. Try Something New

No one can be satisfied with some routine tricks, so one of the ways to turn a girl on is playing some news tricks. You can change the places, instead of your bed, why don’t you try to make love at the sofa or in your car. Changing the role play, let her start first and guide you into her world. Even you can try some new sex technique like oral. However, no matter what you do just make sure that your girl feel comfort with them.

As I said at the very first part, there are many ways to turn a girl on, just open your mind to try some of them. Let’s bring some interesting games in your sexual live.

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